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We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Bay City Restaurant
110 Eisenhower Drive
Hanover, PA  17331
United States of America
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45 of our 85 members were in attendance which is 52.94%
Additionally 11 guests including Dave Myers from the Gettysburg Club, 2 students from Delone Interact, and 8 persons associated with HOBY - 4 students, parents and 1 Program Representative.
Peg Sennett - our District will be helping to fund a Project in Puerto Rico to build a Community Library .Please see full story on our website.
- Volunteers are needed for another home rebuild in NC due to flooding.  The trip is scheduled for the end of February.
Craig Aiello - please email Craig if you are planning to bring a guest to the meeting next week for our annual Christmas music program - SWHS music program.
- Ways & Means Committee will be presenting several options to us at an upcoming meeting.
Each year for several years our Club has sponsored students to attend the HOBY Leadership Program. Bob invited 4 2019 HOBY students and their parents and a HOBY rep to talk about their experience.
Hugh O’Brien was challenged by Albert Schweitzer to “give back” in some way to help others.  So Hugh started HOBY to help youth develop their leadership skills.  250 students in their sophomore year of H.S. from HOBY’s District (State College and east except Phila), attended a 4 day conference at Shippensburg Univetsity.
2 students told us how HOBY helped them with self confidence, the art of compromise, and various leadership skills.  2 other students shared their involvement in community service projects.
NEXT WEEK’s PROGRAM -  Christmas Music Program by SouthWestern H.S. students.
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Following the September 2017 hurricane in Puerto Rico, D7390 Rotarians donated $30,386 specifically for Puerto Rico. Over these many months we have searched for a project that met our requirements for documentation and credibility. We have located such a project and are excited that your donations will benefit many.

Begun as a lending library by community activist Jane Stern in 1974, the Jane Stern Dorado Community Library in Puerto Rico quickly became a bilingual learning center for language, literacy and after-school programs as a 501C (3) non-profit corporation. The Library system emphasizes learning programs for adults, teens and children; early education play areas with books and toys; computers and reliable internet access for digital resources. They serve as school libraries during the day, and are open to the surrounding communities from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

The D7390 donation will support operating expenses for two of the Program’s satellite libraries in Toa Baja and in Mameyal that were forced to move to new facilities following the hurricane. Our contribution will provide operating funds for the 2019-2020 school year and the first semester of 2020-2021.

The Jane Stern Library was awarded The U.S. Library of Congress Literacy Award in 2019 for implementation of best practices in literacy promotion. The Library was also a finalist for the U.S. National Medal for Museum and Library Service; IMLS awards high honors to institutions that make significant and exceptional contributions to their communities.

The Library will keep us posted on their activities and will give us Major Sponsor recognition at the Library’s main entrance and at every event. We will also be recognized through their website, social media, and print material. WE ARE INVITED TO THEIR GALA EVENT TO BE HELD ON MARCH 21, 2020 AT THE RITZ CARLTON RESERVE IN DORADO BEACH P.R. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING, CONTACT PEG SENNETT FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Please welcome the following students for the Month of November 2019:
Delone Catholic H.S.
Grace Frizzell
Activities: Chorus, marching band, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, National English Honor Society, Students Using Ethics, Girl Scouts, fencing, vacation bible school music teacher.
Future Plans: Plans to pursue a 4-year degree in biology and attend medical school to become a pediatric allergist.
Joshua Sherdel
Activities: Baseball, basketball, golf, National Honors Society.
Future Plans: Plans to pursue a finance-related degree.
Hanover H.S.
Lydia Hobson
Activities: National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honors Society, Key Club, 2020 Homecoming Float Committee, Mini-THON, prom committee, Young Democrats Club, Star-Spangled Banner Singers, handbells.
Future Plans: Plans to attend a 4-year college for graphic design or illustration.
Maggie Re
Activities: National Honor Society, Student Council, Tri-M Music Honor Society, steel drums, orchestra, vocal music ensembles varsity field hockey, Prom Committee, Homecoming Float Committee, class secretary.
Future Plans: Plans to attend a 4-year college and dual major in special education and early childhood education.
South Western H.S.
Bailie Zepp
Activities: National Honors Society, certified Mig welder, Hanover soccer club, drag racing.
Future plans: Attend Syracuse University majoring in Biochemistry and minors in biology, chemistry, and forensic science. Continue drag racing with the hopes of upgrading to a pro mod.
Alexis Jones
Activities: Student council, speech, debate, Phoenix Magazine editor, class office, works at York Street Treat.
Future plans: Attend a 4-year liberal arts college with the goal of becoming a prosecuting attorney for criminal law.
Spring Grove H.S.
Emma Kraft
Activities: Marching band, symphonic band, string orchestra, Tri-M, class president, Hanover Symphony Orchestra, York County Honors Band, Sunday school teacher.
Future Plans: Plans to major in chemistry.
Cole McKowen
Activities: Varsity soccer, basketball, volleyball, MINI-thon, Windy Hill Senior Center Ipad tech tutor, student council, National Honor Society, Link Crew leader, Buddy Group helper, One Love youth basketball mentor, Youth group.
Future plans: Plans to major in communications.
Jess Socrates has provided the following information and update on Operation Braveheart in the Philippines:
Here is our most recent report
Progress report on Operation Braveheart. Thanks for your continued support. With your help, we are making a difference in the lives of patients who move on from a compromised existence to a normal life.
Operation Braveheart moves on. 
Major news to share with everyone is the visit of two inspectors from Rotary International a few days ago on December 2. Rotary does this to insure that the project is going well and funds are properly accounted for. The inspectors were very much impressed with Operation Braveheart. Dr. Jonas and our Rotary team prepared for this announced visit. Some of the previously repaired children and parents were asked to come so the inspectors can talk to them. Dr. Jonas scheduled and repaired eight children that day. Some procedures were witnessed by the inspectors who were welcomed to observe in the cardiac cath lab. Jonas noted that the lady inspector from Taiwan was teary eyed with the total experience of talking to the children and parents, witnessing the procedure and then talking to most appreciative and grateful parents later. I know the feeling, having been in that emotional situation on our last visit.
The goal of the second grant from Rotary was to repair 86 patients. As of today, Jonas has repaired the heart defects of 98 patients. with a few more dollars to hopefully reach the dream of 100 patients repaired. The inspectors were really pleased with how we have stretched the dollars without compromising care. We have extended help to some adults and a good number of patients with ASD and VSD which require double the funding compared to PDA. From the encouraging comments of the inspectors, I have a feeling that Rotary International will welcome once again another grant application, our third. Remember that we were allowed an exception to the rule of "only one grant per project" with the second grant. A third grant will be a long shot but still worth pursuing. We will work hard to convince Rotary.
(If we add the first 41 patients to this batch, our grand total is 139 patients). 
I am attaching our 11th collage representing patients # 81 to 88
Here's wishing one and all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a most joyous holiday season with family and friends.
Jess Socrates
Coordinator, Operation Braveheart
The Community Gifts Committee met this Tuesday [Nov 12] and approved the following gifts;
1. New hope Ministries Feed-A-Friend marathon    $1000.
2. Hanover Council of Churches   $2500.
3. Sweet charities Cancer Fund    $1000.
4. Guthrie Memorial Library       $1250.
5. HART Center (50th anniversary)   $1000.
6. Boy Scouts of America New Birth of Freedom Council luncheon  $500.
7. Hanover VNA  $500.
 8.Hanover Symphony Orchestra  $250.
9. Hanover School District Education Foundation  $500.
10. South Western Education Foundation $500.
11. Spring Grove School District  $500.
12. Delone High School   $500.
This totals the $10,000 budgeted for the committee this year. If we are allocated additional funds later in the year, we will discuss other possible gifts.
Please welcome the following students for the Month of November 2019:
Delone Catholic H.S.
Maggie Lawrence
Activities: National Honor Society, English National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Interact Club, Cross Country, Peer Ministry, Kairos Core Team, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Girl Scouts.
Future Plans: Plans to attend school for nursing and become a labor & delivery nurse.
Colby Seeley
Activities: Cross Country, Student Council, works at Brewers Market
Future Plans: Plans to attend community college.
Hanover H.S.
Elizabeth Krenzer
Activities: National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Key Club, Varsity Field Hockey, Club Field Hockey, Track & Field, Club Lacrosse, Drama Night, Prom Committee, Homecoming Float Committee, Mini-THON.
Future Plans: Plans to attend Dickinson College to continue playing field hockey and major in Biology.
Emily Crouse
Activities: National Honor Society, Student Council, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Diversity Alliance, Link Crew, Prom Committee, Homecoming Float Committee, Girl Scouts, Field Hockey, Various Bands, Youth Group.
Future Plans: Plans to attend college to major in political science or sociology.
South Western H.S.
Ashley Coggins
Activities: Key Club, a volunteer at Pleasant Hill Fire Company, volunteer EMT, takes violin lessons.
Future Plans: Plans to attend school to become an RN and eventually a nurse anesthetist.
Layla Adams
Activities: Football and competitive cheerleading, Be the Change Club, powderpuff, works at Subway and as a lifeguard.
Future Plans: Plans to attend college for cheerleading and become a crime scene investigator.
Spring Grove H.S.
Daniel Simpson
Activities: Varsity Football, National Honor Society, Annual Math Competition at HACC, works at Genova's
Future Plans: Plans to major in mathematics.
Allison Hoschar
Activities: Captain of varsity field hockey team & girls' swim team, President of National Honor Society, Link Crew Leader, Spirit Council, Athletic Leadership Council, Volunteers at Friends & Fun Club, lifeguard, swim aide, plays the piano.
Future plans: Plans to study biomedical engineering and attend medical school
Just received this short update from Erin:
I just changed host families so now I live in Inzing. They are very nice and I'm learning more German than ever with them.
Everything is going very well and I have plans this weekend for hiking and going down the mountain on a go-kart type thing. 
I believe there is a trip in December for a Christmas ball in Salzburg. That is the closest trip there is I think.

Erin is now in language camp and enjoying it.  She is in the Advanced Level which is a testament to her abilities and the language program at Southwestern.  The latest gorgeous photo is from Salzburg.
REMINDER:  You can follow and view all of Erin's photos in the Photo Album section on our webpage.
District Governor, Patrick (Paddy) Rooney visited our Club on Tuesday, July 23, 2019.  Instead of quoting Rotary statistics, Governor Rooney focused his remarks on the theme of  "Why ROTARY?"  His intent was to to get us to think about why we are members of Rotary and to encourage us to support Rotary International goals.  Good Job Paddy!
Pictured below are (Lft to Rt) are:  Paddy Rooney, District Governor; Greg Staub, Governor Elect; Craig Aiello, Club President
At our meeting on Tuesday July 23, District Governor Paddy Rooney presented John Bailey and his wife Jane with a special Foundation Award for bequesting $10,000 to the Foundation.
Copying to you report I sent to Kathleen Stoupe.
The attached collage was the picture I shared with the Club last meeting.
Our total number of patients for Operation Braveheart has gone up to 73
The collage for patients # 65 - 72 is attached. 
Of the 73 patients, 47 or 64% were PDA's; the rest of the 26 or 36% were the more complicated and more expensive cases (ASD, VSD, Pulmonic stenosis).
Grand total since start of project: 115 patients.
Based on the most recent financial report I received from Rotary Club of Makati Southeast, we still have funds left for approximately 20 more patients - if all are PDA's. The goal of this grant as stated in the application was to repair 86 patients so, I think, we will meet this goal.
We had a morbidity on one of the children. DENIEL A. (lower left on the collage). Here are Jonas' notes on him:
This is a 4.5 kg 7 month old infant with failure to thrive. Cardiac cath showed an elevated pulmonary artery pressure secondary to a left to right shunt from a relatively large PDA. We were able to successfully implant an 8-6 Hyperion PDA occluder. The position of the occluder was satisfactory based on the last angiogram. 
According to the mother, when the patient woke up, he cried continuously and couldn't be pacified. She tried breastfeeding but the baby refused. There was a good 30 minutes of continuous crying until the baby went back to sleep. It may very well be (no proof) that this triggered acute rise in the pulmonary artery pressure which may cause the occluder to move towards (embolize) the aorta. On hindsight, the patient should have been sedated longer. When we did our daily rounds at the end of the day, the baby was noted to have a recurrence of the heart murmur which sounded like a PDA. 2D echo revealed a PDA and chest xray revealed the occluder in the aorta (T6-T7 level). We alerted our surgical team and emergency PDA ligation and retrieval of embolized PDA device was done under general anesthesia in the OR.  Dr Carlo Garcia did the procedure.
Operation Braveheart will pay additional hospital expenses for this ~ 55,000 pesos (we will take this off the "contingency fund" component of the grant).
We continue to work on the interim report for Braveheart II.
I did not do the survey. Will work on this if and when we get approval for the Street children grant.
Will comment on the "stricter rules" for grants later.
-Jess Socrates
Tastefest 2018 was held on Friday March 2 and Chairperson Kelly shared the results.  Sponsorships went way up this year as did the bottom line, so it was a banner year.  Here is a short summary of what she shared:
2015  Net Profit - $30,702 
2016  Net Profit - $32,165
2017  Net Profit - $31,517
2018 Net Profit - $42,517.14
Big thanks and congrats go out to Kelly and the entire Tastfest Committee!!!
As with our other fundraisers, all proceeds go to support local community needs.
The miracle is not to walk on water.
The miracle is to walk on the green earth
dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive.
                                             Thich Nhat Hahn
                                                                    Be Still and Know
Upcoming Speakers
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Dec 17, 2019
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Greeter, Pledge & Prayer Responsibilities
Rotary Greeter, Pledge and Prayer Responsibilities
Melissa Plitt
Rick McKee
Melissa Leathery
Donna Haar
Deb Stambaugh(G),                                                   Greg Staub(P&P)
Dale Brubaker 
Kathi Fuhrman
Karen Nelson
Sharon Kebil-Whisler
Justine Trucksess
Terry Gingrow
Michael Taylor
No Meeting
Brent Toomey
Interact News

The Hanover Rotary Club is pleased to support Interact Clubs in two area High Schools - Delone Catholic and Spring Grove.  This section is intended to highlight news & activities reported to us from those Clubs


Friday April 26 and Saturday April 27

  • Delone Interact Club will be conducting their Annual Sleep Out Fundraiser on the campus of the school.  Please stop by and contribute to this worthy cause and support our Interact Club affiliate.

January 2019 Meeting Minutes

  • We received a thank you letter from the Hanover Area Council of Churches regarding the Interact Club’s $1000 donation to the Council’s Provide-A-Lunch (PAL) program!

          April Service Projects - Save the Date!

                      Spring Adopt-A-Highway - April 13, 2019 at 10:00am-12:30pm

                       Earth Day Project - April 13, 2019 at 1:30pm-3:30pm

December 2018 Meeting Minutes


  • We received a thank you letter from the Hanover Area Council of Churches regarding the Interact Club’s $1000 donation to the Council’s Provide-A-Lunch (PAL) program!

PennDOT thanks all Interact members who participated in the Adopt-A-Highway last November!

Toys for Tots Collection

  • Toys for Tots collection begins after Thanksgiving break (Nov. 27-Dec. 14)
  • All Interact Club members should donate a toy to the bin outside Mrs. Marrocco’s room (122) in order to count it as one service project. 

November 2018 Meeting Minutes

Adopt-A-Highway Project

Pit Beef/Pork Sandwich Sale - November 10, 2018 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

  • Sign up sheets for volunteer shifts will be posted outside of room 122
  • Come out and support the Pit Beef Sale for Interact Club!
  • Please bring donations on Friday or Saturday
Representatives of the Spring Grove Interact Club made a presentation to our Club on Tuesday March 12, 2019.  They are a newly formed Club in the High School and they have done an outstanding job 1)in pairing their mission to Rotary Missions, 2)organizing themselves, 3) integrating technology into their Club, 4)creative fundraising efforts, 5) worthwhile service projects in the community and the world.  They are off to a fantastic start!
You can follow them on: TWITTER -   sg_interact                                   INSTAGRAM -
Value of Rotary volunteering

Value of Rotary volunteeringA special report prepared for Rotary International by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies estimated the value of Rotary member volunteer

The Sustainability Challenge

10 years into the Rotary-USAID water and sanitation partnership, here’s what worked, what didn’t — and

6 humanitarians honored for their work with refugees

Six humanitarians who are members of the family of Rotary were honored as People of Action: Connectors Beyond Borders during the 2019 

Hoops on the Hudson

In Yonkers, New York, a new basketball court four years in the making provides valuable life lessons to the community’s kids — and its

World Polio Day cheers major achievements toward global polio eradication

Health officials announce type 3 of the wild poliovirus has been completely eradicated, a major step toward a polio-free world.

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