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Just a Quick note to All Hanover Rotarians -
We want to be sure that ALL members know that our in-person meetings are now open to our entire membership.    We began meeting in-person several weeks ago at a new venue with just the Board members attending.  We wanted to be sure that we worked out all the bugs a new system presents - lunch ordering and serving, proper covid precautions, new location procedures, technology to run in-person and virtual at the same time, etc.  Liz Johnites and her staff at The Markets at Hanover have been very accommodating in order to provide a great venue for us to meet.  We feel we are ready to offer a safe experience for our members to return to enjoy the fellowship aspect that so many of us have missed during the past year.  
That being said, we also recognize that each person has to decide when the appropriate time is for them to feel safe in a group setting.  That remains an individual choice which is as it should be!  Consequently we expect to continue to offer both virtual and in-person meeting options for the foreseeable future.
Information about our in-person meetings include:
Location:  The Markets at Hanover  1649 Broadway   Hanover, Pa 17331
Parking: There is plenty of parking directly in front of the main entrance.
Lunch:  All members will receive an email every Thursday outlining the menu options and directions to order a lunch.  Each member pays for their lunch on-line when they order.  
Safety:  Since the Markets are closed on Tuesdays, we are the only ones using the facility.  There are hand sanitizing stations on site.  Participants are asked to wear masks when not seated to eat.  Tables are spaced 6' plus apart with only 4 seats to a table.  The facility is cleaned prior to each use.  Lunches are boxed and placed on a serving table to be picked up by each individual.  Safe distances are maintained with no handshaking, no hugging, and no lines to wait to sign-in.  Also we are not singing(which actually might be a blessing-sorry Walt).
Your Board wants you to know that when you feel ready to attend, we are ready for you!!
Be well, stay well, God bless!!!
President Chris called the meeting to order at noon and John Danehy led us in pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE:  20 people attended in person and this included one guest of Peg Sennett, Mirna Wildasin, Hanover Area Council of Churches. 16 people attended virtually which included 4 students of the month.
Peg Sennett - spoke about the District Conference held last weekend and that it was a very worthwhile event.
Deb Stambaugh - thanked everyone who helped bag items for the York/Adams Immunization Coalition.  More bags and materials are being given out this week to be brought back next week.
Liz Johnides - menu choices for next week's lunch will go on The Markets website tonight.
STUDENTS OF THE MONTH:  Students for May introduced themselves and told us what activities they were involved in at school as well as their future aspirations after graduation.
Bruce Bartz explained in a very personal and heartfelt way what the Bartz Brigade is and how it got started.  The Brigade, a non-profit, 503C,  is focused on suicide awareness and prevention with special emphasis on veterans and our youth.  Bruce started the program as a tribute to his son, and veteran, who committed suicide.  He did not want his son's death to be in vain so he has created this program to help others who might be struggling with depression, addiction, and suicidal thoughts.  An average of 22 veterans per day commit suicide in this country.  In York Co. in 2018 20 kids of various ages committed suicide.  In 2019 96 individuals in York Co  decided to end their life.
They provide a variety of services including awareness presentations like this one, networking to connect people in need to those who may be able to help, scholarships to youth, accepting referrals from School Districts, and they work closely with various veterans groups to help those in need.
Bruce described the networking in the region for veterans groups to be extremely strong, timely, and responsive.
Additionally they see a strong connection between physical health and mental health.
If you want to connect with Bruce and/or donate to their effort please contact Christy Lucas directly and she can connect you with Bruce.
Bruce's message was particularly touching and emotional.
NEXT WEEK'S PROGRAM - RALPH JODICE - Finding Captain Troy Cope 
Please welcome the following students for the Month of February 2021:
Delone Catholic H.S.
Sarah Swingler
Activities: Student council, Interact Club, Minithon, Peer ministry, NHS, NEHS, soccer, works as a barista at Starbucks.
Future Plans: To attend college and major in Clinical Laboratory Science.
Marck Grenchik
Activities: Interact Club, soccer, card club, work, swimming.
Future Plans: To attend University of Pittsburgh Johnstown and study mechanical engineering.
Hanover H.S.
Kyle Garman
Future Plans:
Gracie Manjarrez-Beltran
Future Plans:
South Western H.S.
John Fenwick
Activities: Basketball, volunteer at Cross Keys Brethren Home, Volunteer at Keystone State Games, Referee for youth basketball, camp counselor for youth basketball, National Honor Society.
Future Plans: To attend Case Western Reserve Univerity or Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology as a student-athlete and major in Biomedical Engineering.
Future Plans: 
Spring Grove H.S.
McKenna Seashole
Activities: National Honors Society, lacrosse.
Future Plans: To attend York College of Pennsylvania's pre-med program.
Joseph Kelly
Activities: TBA
Future Plans: TBA
Home Page Stories
Jess Socrates shared this article about the volunteer Doctor who performed the Braveheart Operations.  
I wish to share a recent article on our Operation Braveheart volunteer, Dr. Jonas del Rosario. The article has nothing to do with Operation Braveheart. It reveals to the reader the very personal side of Dr. del Rosario. We are fortunate to have him as our volunteer.
The District 7390 virtual Foundation Dinner in November announced a program called 72+ which makes suggestions to everyone about tax savings opportunities for charitable giving provided by the government’s SECURE Act and CARES Act. The 72+ program urges senior Rotarians to give strong consideration to making a contribution to The Rotary Foundation from their IRA. This especially applies when one reaches age 70.5 to make a Qualified Charitable Contribution (QCD) or when one must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) upon and after age 72 (hence the program name 72+). There are significant tax savings provided by the SECURE and CARES Acts.
Several Rotarians recently packed meals for area students to support Ruth's Harvest Program.
Hanover Rotarians Dave Erlemeier, Warren Risk (and his wife Judy), and Ralph Jodice (and his wife Judy) packed food bags for Ruth’s Harvest as part of the Club’s ongoing community service project.  On Friday’s, Ruth’s Harvest gives needy children in the local area 7 meals to take home for the weekend to help to ensure they do not go hungry.
Jess Shared the following story and pictures regarding the Street Children's Village in the Philippines.  
As a review, the two-fold plan is as follows: 
- Build a piggery where we will raise native pigs. The meat will be more than enough to supply the continuous demand for pork. The excess will be sold to pay for other food items (fish, chicken, veggies, fruit, etc.)
- Cultivate the fertile land in the 11 hectare property for rice production. Part of the grant fund will be used to purchase a hand truck.
We have at last started the construction of the piggery. There was plenty of delay on account of Covid and weather but we have finally started. The attached pictures were submitted in a comprehensive initial report that was put together by one of the street children who is now 18 years old and who will soon complete his course in landscape architecture. The project also benefits some local construction workers who were hired instead of paying a contractor to do the job.
Pictured below are 7 erect columns for the construction.  For more Pictures visit the Photo Gallery on our website - Street Children's Village Project
The following email from Kim Hackett provides an update on our upcoming Inbound and Outbound Youth Exchange Programs and our current Exchange Student to Austria, Erin Dewald:
Good afternoon.  You will not be surprised that I received an email regarding the Inbound and Outbound Youth Exchange programs. Due to the COVID pandemic and possible interruptions of future outbreaks, the program is cancelled for this school year.  Our student, Gustav, was notified as well as the other 3 students for 7390.  Needless to say this is a sad announcement but the decision was not made lightly.  Thank you for your support of this program and hopefully this can be reviewed again for the next school year.
Erin DeWald remains in Austria and is actually one of the few students from our District still in her exchange. 
Thank you,
The following update on Operation Braveheart is provided by Jess Socrates:
Latest update on Operation Braveheart that I sent to our supporters.
Dr, Jonas del Rosario, has performed the last PDA repair from our Braveheart II funds. We have spent the entire $124,000 grant resulting in the repair of 104 patients. The faces of the last 8 patients (97-104) are on the attached collage.
We have repaired a grand total of 145 patients.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everyone's support. 
As soon as we pay all the bills and zero our bank balance, we will submit a final report to the Rotary Foundation. We will then attempt to apply for another grant. As in the two previous grants, we will need "seed money" that will be matched by Rotary. The more "seed money" we have, the larger the Rotary match and more patients will be repaired.
One major news to share with everyone is the upcoming visit of Dr. Jonas del Rosario, our volunteer pediatric interventional cardiologist. He will be the guest speaker at the joint APPM-UPMASA (Association of Philippine Physicians in Maryland; UP Medical Alumni Society in America) Conference to be held on March 21 in Baltimore. He will also be a guest of the Rotary Club of Hanover the following Tuesday.
Respectfully, Jess Socrates, Coordinator, Operation Braveheart
This story is posted below on behalf of Ralph Jodice and Junior Achievement :
Both of Sherry Chroniger’s 6th grade social studies classes at St. Teresa of Calcutta in McSherrystown completed the Junior Achievement program, Our Nation, taught by Hanover Rotarian, Ralph Jodice.  This 5 lesson program taught the 52 students about the free market economy, entrepreneurship and innovation, career clusters, getting and keeping the job, and global economic connections. 
A group sponsored by the Hanover rotary club departed today for new Bern NC to assist with rebuilding hurricane flooded homes. This is the 2nd trip for the group in July 2019 they travelled to new Bern to assist in rebuilding 2 homes. The group is led by Rotarian Peg Sennett 
Please keep them in your prayers for a safe trip down and back.
We wish them well and want to hear all accounts of their trip when they return.
This email is being sent on behalf of Peg Sennett to provide an update on the Club Grant we used to assist New Hope Ministries.

Through a Club Grant, the Rotary Club of Hanover provided New Hope Ministries of Hanover with a floor scale and two folding wire containers.  The staff and volunteers have high praise for this new in-the-floor scale. Previously, volunteers had to physically push pallets onto an upgrade. With the new scale, pallets are moved onto the scale with a lift truck or hand jack, making the job less physical, more time efficient and much safer.  In an average month, over 150,000 pounds of food are weighed and handled multiple times, serving between 800-900 households per month.  That was a lot of pushing, pulling and heaving to get pallets of food onto the old scale.  The durable, folding containers also improve the efficiency of operations, eliminating the need to store food in cardboard boxes that warp and become insecure.

Pictured are Hanover Rotarians re-packaging items for New Hope clients.  The Rotary signage above the scale was donated by Rotarian Scott Kurtz and Minuteman Press; it will constantly remind New Hope clients and volunteers that Rotary is involved in serving the community.


  In order to view the photos, please refer to the "Downloads" section on the website and click on "Scale Project with New Hope Ministries".

This article is a post from Jess Socrates.  He is providing an update to Operation Braveheart in the Philippines.  8 more children have been helped.
A few days before the end of year 2019, when our total number of patients repaired for Braveheart II was at 98, Dr. Jonas expressed to me that he wanted to round off this number to 100 before the start of the year 2020. A few days ago, he reported to me that he did two more patients before the end of the year, thus meeting his personal goal.
Thanks to everyone's support, these 100 patients plus the 41 previously repaired, brings our grand total to 141 patients repaired.
In a few days, one of my fellow Rotarians, a career diplomat, will visit the Philippines. Jonas has scheduled another patient that he will repair on the day of this visit. This is not an inspection; it is a friendly visit from a Rotarian representing my Club, who is interested in the project.
The attached collage includes the grateful faces of patients #89 to 96 from December 2019.
Sincerely yours,
Jess Socrates, Coordinator, Operation Braveheart
Peg Sennett shares the following update on the donation our Club made to New Hope Ministries to enable them to purchase a scale:


Our Club provided New Hope Ministries with a $5,000.00 floor scale and food container s through a Rotary Club Grant. The scale has been installed and is in use. As part of the Grant, Rotarians must participate in the project. Consequently we have scheduled TUESDAY JANUARY 21ST, 6:00-7:00PM as a time to meet at New Hope Ministries on Baltimore Street to help stock shelves and assist clients. Please mark your calendars. See you there. 

Peg Sennett, Chair Humanitarian Committee

Ralph Jodice is sharing this project information:
Hanover Rotarians recently packed food bags for Ruth’s Harvest.  Ruth’s Harvest ensures grammar school students in need of food go home on Fridays with enough meals to make it through the weekend.  Ruth’s Harvest is one of the primary recipients for funds from The Rotary Club of Hanover’s largest fund raiser called Tastefest.  Over the last 5 years, Tastefest has netted over $30,000 per year which the club pushes back out to the local community.  Pictured here from left to right are Ralph Jodice, Rick McKee (holding the Rotary Coin). Judy Jodice and Tammy Miller.
Congratulations to Greg Staub for Multiple Paul Harris Award
Hanover’s club President, Craig Aiello, and Rotary Foundation Committee Chair, Bob Miller, present Hanover Rotarian and District Governor Designee, Greg Staub, with a multiple Paul Harris Fellowship pin.



Following the September 2017 hurricane in Puerto Rico, D7390 Rotarians donated $30,386 specifically for Puerto Rico. Over these many months we have searched for a project that met our requirements for documentation and credibility. We have located such a project and are excited that your donations will benefit many.

Begun as a lending library by community activist Jane Stern in 1974, the Jane Stern Dorado Community Library in Puerto Rico quickly became a bilingual learning center for language, literacy and after-school programs as a 501C (3) non-profit corporation. The Library system emphasizes learning programs for adults, teens and children; early education play areas with books and toys; computers and reliable internet access for digital resources. They serve as school libraries during the day, and are open to the surrounding communities from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

The D7390 donation will support operating expenses for two of the Program’s satellite libraries in Toa Baja and in Mameyal that were forced to move to new facilities following the hurricane. Our contribution will provide operating funds for the 2019-2020 school year and the first semester of 2020-2021.

The Jane Stern Library was awarded The U.S. Library of Congress Literacy Award in 2019 for implementation of best practices in literacy promotion. The Library was also a finalist for the U.S. National Medal for Museum and Library Service; IMLS awards high honors to institutions that make significant and exceptional contributions to their communities.

The Library will keep us posted on their activities and will give us Major Sponsor recognition at the Library’s main entrance and at every event. We will also be recognized through their website, social media, and print material. WE ARE INVITED TO THEIR GALA EVENT TO BE HELD ON MARCH 21, 2020 AT THE RITZ CARLTON RESERVE IN DORADO BEACH P.R. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING, CONTACT PEG SENNETT FOR MORE INFORMATION.

The Community Gifts Committee met this Tuesday [Nov 12] and approved the following gifts;
1. New hope Ministries Feed-A-Friend marathon    $1000.
2. Hanover Council of Churches   $2500.
3. Sweet charities Cancer Fund    $1000.
4. Guthrie Memorial Library       $1250.
5. HART Center (50th anniversary)   $1000.
6. Boy Scouts of America New Birth of Freedom Council luncheon  $500.
7. Hanover VNA  $500.
 8.Hanover Symphony Orchestra  $250.
9. Hanover School District Education Foundation  $500.
10. South Western Education Foundation $500.
11. Spring Grove School District  $500.
12. Delone High School   $500.
This totals the $10,000 budgeted for the committee this year. If we are allocated additional funds later in the year, we will discuss other possible gifts.
Just received this short update from Erin:
I just changed host families so now I live in Inzing. They are very nice and I'm learning more German than ever with them.
Everything is going very well and I have plans this weekend for hiking and going down the mountain on a go-kart type thing. 
I believe there is a trip in December for a Christmas ball in Salzburg. That is the closest trip there is I think.

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Upcoming Speakers
Ralph Jodice
May 11, 2021
Finding Captain Troy Cope
Peg Sennett
May 18, 2021
Selling Treasures on the Internet: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Adam Ogle, Interim Warden
May 25, 2021
York County Prison Update
Ralph Serpe, Pres./CEO Adams Co. Community Found.
Jun 01, 2021
Scholarship Displacement
Jun 08, 2021
Cam'ela Bisch, CEO
Jun 15, 2021
Introduction in her new role at the Hanover Area YMCA
Jun 22, 2021
Chris Helt
Jun 29, 2021
Outgoing Rotary President's Message
Brandon Gething
Jul 06, 2021
Incoming Rotary President's Message
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Rotary Pledge & Prayer Responsibilities
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4/6/21   Terry Gingrow 
4/13/21  Brandon Gething          
Interact News

The Hanover Rotary Club is pleased to support Interact Clubs in two area High Schools - Delone Catholic and Spring Grove.  This section is intended to highlight news & activities reported to us from those Clubs


 Living up to their school motto of being "Doers of the Word," the Interact Club at Delone Catholic High School (McSherrystown, PA)  has not allowed the pandemic to stop their good deeds! This group of young people has connected to their community in several ways that include a non-perishable food collection that was donated to Roots for Boots, a 501c3 that hosts a food bank for veterans in need; a school wide toy drive for Toys for Tots; a garden clean-up on the school grounds; 125 handwritten Thanksgiving cards for residents in local nursing homes, and they will be participating in the Boxes of Joy program through Cross Catholic Outreach. Caught doing good, these students are to be commended for all of their accomplishments that have truly made a difference to others by putting service over self! (photo is of food donation to Roots for Boots)
Representatives of the Spring Grove Interact Club made a presentation to our Club on Tuesday March 12, 2019.  They are a newly formed Club in the High School and they have done an outstanding job 1)in pairing their mission to Rotary Missions, 2)organizing themselves, 3) integrating technology into their Club, 4)creative fundraising efforts, 5) worthwhile service projects in the community and the world.  They are off to a fantastic start!
You can follow them on: TWITTER -   sg_interact                                   INSTAGRAM -
Canadian Rotary members assist with COVID-19 vaccinations and feeding families

Volunteers work to keep the community of Kingston, Ontario, healthy and safe.

Nonprofits Make Gains in Measuring Their Impact

Nonprofits Make Gains in Measuring Their

Rotarians Address Mental Health Issues Head On

Rotarians Address Mental Health Issues Head

Inaugural Programs of Scale Grant Honors Those Leading Malaria Treatment Efforts in Zambia

By building on a proven concept — such as efforts to stamp out malaria in Zambia — Rotary’s new multimillion-dollar Programs of Scale grants help make good better

Kenyan Rotary Clubs Sow Seeds and Reflect on the Fruits of Their Labor

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