President Chris called the meeting to order at 12:08 and Kathi Fuhrman led us in pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 5 members attended virtually, and 24 members attended in-person. Guests included Austin Carroll, prospective member and Mirna Wildasin, inducted in today’s meeting.
     - Paul Berg - the Great Asparagus Challenge yielded 45 plants.  Several members joined in the challenge which will add some $$ to the Club.  Thank you Paul!!
     - Warren Risk - next Tuesday, June 29, we will have an international toast by John Getken with REAL WINE, a cake, and a buffet lunch featuring a taco bar.  This will be the last meeting where you will need to order ahead ahead of time.  
INDUCTION: President Chris Helt inducted Mirna Wildasin into membership in the Club.  Welcome Mirna!  Mirna is the Interim Director of the Council of Churches replacing Carol Hinkle and Peg Sennett is her sponsor.
PROGRAM:  Greg Staub, The Road To Become District Governor.
Beginning on July 1, Greg will become the District Governor for our Rotary District.  This is a great honor for Greg and we are certain he will move the District forward.   Greg agreed to tell us about his Journey to the Governorship.
A District Governor has two main responsibilities
          1. Carry out the Administrative duties for the District.  One example is the distribution of RI Foundation  dollars back to individual Clubs after two years, via grants for projects.
          2. Provide support and guidance to all Clubs in the District.
There are 2 qualifications required to be considered for the Governorship - you must have been a Club President and you must be a Rotarian in good standing.
Greg described the process he went through to become Governor including an essay, interview, serving as Governor nominee, Governor elect and finally assuming role of Governor for a one year term.
Governors are required to attend the International Assembly and they must visit each Club in their District during their year.  Visits may be virtual.  
Governors must hold and oversee the District Conference and Foundation Dinner each year.
One does not have to be retired to hold the office of Dist Governor and the Governor, Gov Elect, and Gov nominee all have expense accounts to cover costs like travel and associated expenses.
Greg ended by encouraging us to participate in the District Leadership Programs.
A Q & A session followed.