President Brandon opened the meeting at 12:27 and led the Pledge & Prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 27 members were in attendance which is 33.33% of our membership.
                              Guests included our speaker, Dr Russell Greehholt; 7 students of the month
     - Peg Sennett - Peg is looking for suggestions of local organizations to apply for a Rotary Grant.  Thus far the YWCA and the Council of Churches have been suggested.  There is one week left to give suggestions to Peg.
     - Terry Gingrow - the Fundraising Committee will meet right after today's meeting.
PROGRAM: Dr Russell Greenholt - Conewago Valley Foundation for Education
Dr Greenholt, former Superintendant of Conewago Valley School District now retired, told us about the reason for an Education Foundation, and what they have accomplished with it.
He gave us a condensed history of State funding for public education between 1992 and 2015.  Essentially in 1992 the State established that they would provide an established amount of money per pupil.  The legislation stated that the State would pay for 50% of the education cost.  By 2015 the State had frozen the formula maintaining 1992 numbers despite any subsequent changes in enrollments. Thus 60% of the districts had stagnant or negative growth while 40 % saw increased student population growth.  In areas of the State like south central Pa, the student enrollments rose significantly yet funding levels were frozen.
When he was working at Conewago Valley he set forth a 10 yr plan for the district - Equity - Relevance - Technology.  There were vast technology needs in the District along with other upgrades but not enough money to accomplish it all.  They decided to involve local businesses in the Community via an Academic Booster Club.  Russell approached the Board with an idea to build a 25,000 sq ft Technology Center to teach job skills transferrable to local businesses.  They worked to get local businesses involved, and found them very open to the idea.  They were successful in raising over $6 million and in-kind support and resources.  It became a matter of local pride to become involved and to be part of the project.  The center was constructed and is now successful in teaching state of the art high level technical skills to students.
The Foundation also provides Teacher Grants, Tours, ground breaking ceremonies, in the District.
Dr Greenholt gave an excellent presentation explaining what the Foundation is and what it is providing for the students and the Community.
NEXT WEEK'S PROGRAM: John Gerken will speak about The History of the Hanover Rotary Club