Highlights from the Board Meeting 8/18/20
- Approved a request by Walt Maust to be changed to Honorary Member status.  Walt's wife is having serious health issues and Walt will be absent from the area for several months while she undergoes treatment and recovery.
- Grant Holub, ACNB has resigned from the Club.
- Terry shared a tentative 6 month budget for the Club.  We expect that it will need to be revised throughout the year as the pandemic continues to affect all areas of our society.
- The program committee continues to need suggestions for presentations at our regular meetings.  Please contact Ellie or Ken with any suggestions.
- The Pledge and Prayer Committee needs volunteers to offer the Pledge and Prayer for upcoming meetings.  Please contact Rick McKee.
- The Board is looking into participating in a billboard program sponsored by the District.
- In light of the Governor's continued limitation on restaurants our return to in-person meetings is tabled.
- The Board is exploring obtaining a credit card with a limited balance for minor purchases.  This will  both streamline and document our current process for minor purchases that need to be made from time to time.
- Much discussion centered around  Club fund raisers and how we might need to change our approach due to the effects of the pandemic on area businesses and individuals.  Perhaps we need to look to several activities and events that would yield smaller earnings in place of one or two large events that take in a large amount. 
- Tastefest 2020 Wrap -up provided by Kelly Rebert
   >  There were 30 vendors, 33 sponsors, and 411 ticket holders 
   >  The event grossed $40,000 +; and after expenses netted $35,000+ for the Club
   >  Charities/organizations that directly benefitted include Ruth's Harvest, Roots for Boots, YMCA Safe Home, Olivia's House, Jessica and Friends, Family Readiness Group (Armory)
Checks will be going out to these recipients in the near future.
Thank you to Kelly and the whole committee for another very successful event.