Posted by Warren Risk on Jul 19, 2017
Annual Tastfest event is Hanover Rotary's largest fundraiser.  At Tuesday's meeting, proceeds from that event were awarded to area causes
Tastefest is the Rotary Club of Hanover’s one-of-a-kind event bringing local restaurants, bakeries and specialty beverage businesses together for a unique flavor-filled culinary evening of tasting.This past year, the event netted a total of $31,518.33 and was distributed as follows
Community Requests - $15,000
Ruth’s Harvest - $5,000
Roots for Boots - $5,000
Remainder going to Rotary Club of Hanover’s Foundation - $6,518.33
Representatives of Ruth's Harvest and Roots for Boots attended today's meeting to receive the donations.
A little bit about the worthwhile organizations receiving funds today -
Ruth’s Harvest, in partnership with the Hanover Area Council of Churches, provides a weekend meal program for elementary-aged children in the Hanover School District who are eligible for the Free and Reduced Lunch program at school. This program began in 2013 and has provided meals for over 250 needy children in Hanover.
The goal of Roots for Boots is to meet the current needs and future challenges of military families, predominantly in rural areas.  This grassroots organization attempts to simplify the process of locating services and funds available to our servicemen and women by providing a single source for information on their specific needs and interests. Roots for Boots is a down to earth organization that addresses the needs and challenges of our military heroes and their families by providing opportunities for rural communities to honor, thank and connect with them in more direct and local ways.
VISION - Because we love our nation's defenders and the red, white and blue, you served with honor, now let us serve you ...
Serve ...  Our deep-seeded desire to help
Educate ... Down to earth knowledge of how freedom was won and preserved
Inspire ... Tapping into the gifts, talents and resources of the community
Roots for Boots offers members of the community opportunities to use their skills, talents and resources to engage, connect with  and support veterans and military families in more direct and local ways. 
Pictured below is Jack Groft, a veteran who will receive a ramp at his home to aid in his mobility throughout the community.
Each year the Rotary Club of Hanover distributes over $50,000 to local organizations, community youth and international projects. We encourage local non-profits to contact us for financial assistance and hands-on help to support their annual projects in the Hanover area. Our goal is to continue growing the support of the community through events like this one.