President-Elect Brandon Gething opened the meeting at 12:02.  Sharon Kebil-Whisler 
led us in pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE - 25 members were in virtual attendance.  Our 2 guests were our speaker, Erin DeWald and Beth DeWald.
Brandon - Kim Hackett is organizing a social/fundraiser to support Polio Eradication. - Pints for Polio. More information will be forthcoming.
Brandon - District Governor John Anthony will be with us next Tuesday - please plan to join us virtually.
PROGRAM - Erin DeWald - Rotary Exchange Student for 2019-2020.  
Erin was our outbound student to Innsbruck, Austria and surrounding areas.  The goal of the Rotary program is for these young people to become Global Citizens.
Erin shared some beautiful photos and told us many things about her time abroad including:
- she learned to speak German, feeling more comfortable with the language by November
- one of the foods she tried on her first day was pizza and it was terrible.  however on her last day she got eisdaenemark(ice cream) and it was delicious
- she learned to bake a type of apple cake with streusel on top and ended up making it every Sunday night for her host Dad.
- in winter she enjoyed hiking, skiing, and sledding with friends, and host family  She did learn to ski while there
- Swarovski, crystal world
- Wiechnachtsmart or Christmas market
- Run Huts high in the mountains where one could stop to rest and comfort while hiking or sledding 
- Krampus Festival - old traditions
- Dirndl - traditional dress worn in Austria and Germany
- Matura Ball, or Prom usually held in Jan or Feb
- Rotary sponsored specific events for all the exchange students regardless of country of origin and outbound students and prior exchange students.  These were fun events and allowed for the sharing of their experiences with others who understood what they were experiencing.
Thank you Erin for sharing your overseas adventure with us.  It certainly looked like a rewarding experience and one you will never forget.