President Brandon opened the meeting at 12:25 and Rhonda Ramos led the pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE:  30members were in attendance which represents 39.47% of our membership.  We had 1 guest, Jessica Waltersdorff, guest of Kathi Fuhrman
Tara Kauffman - the YMCA is sponsoring a run on Oct 2 in the morning to raise money for the program there.  They need volunteers to position them selves at street crossings to enable the runners to cross safely.  If you can help please go on-line on the Y website to register to work the morning.
Dale Brubaker - Shed Report - Dale will soon be sending an email and post a sign-up on our website to repair the shed.
Chris Neri - Chris is selling lottery tickets for the library fund raiser.  Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased at the library or directly from Chris. 
PROGRAM:  Austin Carroll, Classification Speech
One of Hanover Rotary‚Äôs newest members, Austin Carroll gave his classification speech at our meeting on Tuesday. Thank you Austin for sharing about your personal and professional self! 
Some things we learned about Austin include that he was adopted by a local family as a very young child.  He was from South Korea.  The family to the Hanover area and Austin attended SouthWestern  schools and then York College.  He got a degree in journalism and wanted to enter sports broadcasting.  He was always outgoing and talkative and he loves sports so broadcasting met both interests.  He had been working at Legacy, 3rd shift, and was eventually approached about taking a job as a sales rep for Two the T Outfitters who wanted to expand into the Hanover area.  It appears to be a natural fit for him.
Two the T Outfitters is an apparel company that does silk screening onto clothing and just about any other thing you can think of.   
He is still interested in sports broadcasting and journalism but feels that having to always watch what you say and write - being PC - would limit his efforts in that field.
We are happy to have Austin in the Club!