Chris opened the meeting at 12:02 and Rick McKee led in Pledge and Prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 41 people attended the meeting virtually - 32 members and our guests included our speaker, Bryan Tate and the 8 Students of the Month.
- Chris - reminder that our fundraiser/social is Pints for Polio Oct 15, 5:00 to 7:00 at Bourbon Bar and Grill, Carlisle St., Hanover.  Please RSVP to Kim Hackett, 717-633-0685 .
Peg provided an overview of the 27 houses that our Rotary Club was part of building, rebuilding, remodeling in the U.S. due to hurricane damage.
PROGRAM: Bryan Tate, York County Register of Wills, and Clerk of Orphans Court
The two job functions of his office are:
1. Responsibility for administration of estates and acts as agent of the PA Dept of Revenue to collect PA inheritance taxes
2. Oversee the Orphan’s Court
Bryan began his position with York Co. in January of this year.  He shared his 3 Team members who provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to help him with his job.   Only 2 months into the job he was forced to deal with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic as the offices were closed to the public.  The challenge was how to keep serving the public under the restrictions and in a manner that provided safety to his staff.  The Covid crisis became an opportunity to reinvent processes for the operation of his office responsibilities since people could no longer come in person.  They incorporated Zoom and WebX like programs.  These virtual innovations will continue into the future and are especially helpful for people in the farther reaches of York Co and others who do not like to venture into York City.
- people can go on-line to look-up documents and then print them at home
- credit cards can now be used via phone or in person to make payments for services 
- hearings are now being held on-line
PA Inheritance Tax
0% if left to legal spouse
4.5% if left to direct dependents
12% if left to siblings
15% if left to other heirs
0% if left to non-profits/ charities
An alternative way to leave Assets to people that may incur less or no tax is through a life insurance policy
 It is very important to:
1) have a Will
2) include a charity as a beneficiary
3) be sure to tell your executor where your Will is located