President Chris opened the meeting st 12:02 and Terry led us in Pledge and Prayer.
ATTENDANCE: A total of 36 people were in virtual attendance.  
Guests included : Robert Kalineski a Rotarian from Towsontown, Md joined us.  He recently moved to Hanover and is at council with the Becker Law Group.  JoAnn Flickinger, Mother of Olivia Flickinger, and our speaker, Tiffany Seitz.
- Chris reminded us of the Foundation Dinner on Nov 5.  It is virtual and free but donations are accepted.  Our own Dr Jess will be honored.
- District Grant Training session is on 11/9
- There is a Rotary Means Business event on 11/12
PROGRAM:  Tiffany Seitz, Reigning Miss Pa 2019-2020
Some of the things we learned from and about Tiffany:
- she is the first Miss Pa to rein for 2 yrs in a row 2019 and 2020
- being Miss Pa is a job.  She does whatever is asked including appearances, signing autographs, making keynote presentations
- Miss America is the largest scholarship program for women in the US
- she is mentoring a “Little Sister” who is a student at Penn State
- she earned a bachelors degree at Grove City College in Entrepreneurship and Communication
- Tiffany told us about her pageant history including Miss Butler Co, Miss Laurel Highlands, and being the runner-up.
- She was asked to step in at the last minute to compete for Miss Pa.  Her mom became seriously ill during the competition and had to be hospitalized.  Tiffany didn’t expect to win but she did!
- Tiffany explained that her birth parents were told at birth that she was not expected to live.  She ended up in foster care and being adopted at a very early age.
- therefore her Social Impact Initiative is Adoption - Foster - Family -Future
- there are 500,000 kids in foster care who may never be adopted.
- Tiffany’s mission is to change minds and hearts about fostering and adoption