President Chris called the meeting to order at noon and John Danehy led us in pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE:  20 people attended in person and this included one guest of Peg Sennett, Mirna Wildasin, Hanover Area Council of Churches. 16 people attended virtually which included 4 students of the month.
Peg Sennett - spoke about the District Conference held last weekend and that it was a very worthwhile event.
Deb Stambaugh - thanked everyone who helped bag items for the York/Adams Immunization Coalition.  More bags and materials are being given out this week to be brought back next week.
Liz Johnides - menu choices for next week's lunch will go on The Markets website tonight.
STUDENTS OF THE MONTH:  Students for May introduced themselves and told us what activities they were involved in at school as well as their future aspirations after graduation.
Bruce Bartz explained in a very personal and heartfelt way what the Bartz Brigade is and how it got started.  The Brigade, a non-profit, 503C,  is focused on suicide awareness and prevention with special emphasis on veterans and our youth.  Bruce started the program as a tribute to his son, and veteran, who committed suicide.  He did not want his son's death to be in vain so he has created this program to help others who might be struggling with depression, addiction, and suicidal thoughts.  An average of 22 veterans per day commit suicide in this country.  In York Co. in 2018 20 kids of various ages committed suicide.  In 2019 96 individuals in York Co  decided to end their life.
They provide a variety of services including awareness presentations like this one, networking to connect people in need to those who may be able to help, scholarships to youth, accepting referrals from School Districts, and they work closely with various veterans groups to help those in need.
Bruce described the networking in the region for veterans groups to be extremely strong, timely, and responsive.
Additionally they see a strong connection between physical health and mental health.
If you want to connect with Bruce and/or donate to their effort please contact Christy Lucas directly and she can connect you with Bruce.
Bruce's message was particularly touching and emotional.
NEXT WEEK'S PROGRAM - RALPH JODICE - Finding Captain Troy Cope