President Brandon opened the meeting at 12:25pm and Barb Rupp led the Pledge & Prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 38 members were in attendance which represents 52.05% of our membership.  We also had a total of 6 guests - Brianna Miller, Student of the Month;  W. Robinson, M J McClusky, Ashley Crouse, all members of the Uptown York Rotary Club; Vaughn Crouse Speaker, and member of the Uptown York Club; and Rasheeda Martin of the North York Rotary Club
50/50 DRAWING: Terry Gingrow sold tickets and conducted our first 50/50 drawing.  Tammy Gobrecht won the chance to draw a card from the deck.  $177 was earned.  1/2 the money goes to the Foundation and 1/2 is added to the pot of $250.  The pot for next week's drawing will be $338.
Dale Brubaker - sent out an email sign-up to support Roots for Boots Military Share on June 14, here at the Markets.  You can work in the morning before the Rotary meeting or in the afternoon after Rotary 1:00 to 3:00pm or for as long as you can stay.  It takes about 30 people all together to make it work efficiently.  
Dale Brubaker - last Friday several Rotarians worked on the garden at You First Personal Care Home on  Frederick St - Chief landscapers and lawn experts Brandon Gething and Chris Helt along with Kathi Fuhrman and her son and Walt Maust.(see article below).
Our speaker, Vaughn, was originally from Pottsville, went to York College, graduated with a degree in Sports Management, worked as a first responder and then as business development coordinator for Adams Co Winery, and now for York Co tourism.
Vaughn explained the economic impact of tourism in York Co - up to $1 billion annually prior to covid.  They are building up toward that figure now post-covid.  
He shared several initiatives with us including:
 - York Co, PA "Have It Made Here" - publicizing products made here
 - Tourism Grant Program - granted $2.5 million in grant funds since 2017
 - Sports Tourism - in 20/21 $20 million was realized in direct benefits encouraging sports here for example volleyball, swimming, and wrestling
 - Group Tours  - which helps to fill hotel rooms as well
 - York Co Cultural trails - 2 have been developed thus far, African American Excellence and Women Power.  Several more are planned including Hispanic Heritage, LGBTQ, and Military Heritage.
 - Destination Envy - using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and TicToc

The organization is the official tourism representative for York Co.  They are dedicated to maximizing tourism expenditures and economic impact in the County.
NEXT WEEK'S PROGRAM - Peter Miele, Seminary Ridge Museum and Edu Ctr  - It Began Here: The Civil War Inside & Out