President Brandon opened the meeting at 12:25 pm and Mary Kay Bernosky led the Pledge and Prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 32 members were present which represents 43.24% of our membership.  Guests included 6 Students of the Month for May; Tammy Myers, Rotarian from Gettysburg; Melissa Fowble, guest of Kathi Fuhrman; Jen Stetter, attorney at Barley/Snyder and guest of Mary Kay Bernosky; Michael Butera, speaker, Ash and Donovan Beltz friends of speaker.
STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: Brandon asked each of the students to introduce themselves and tell a little about themselves.
BIRTHDAY WHEEL: One of the Students spun the Birthday wheel for May.
- Terry Gingrow -  Trying to clear up billing issues due to a change in clerical help and establish credit car payments for dues.
- Dale Brubaker - Volunteer opportunities for Roots 4 Boots on Tuesday, May 10 here at the Markets and 1x mo thereafter.   Also gardening help needed at You First Personal Care Home on Frederick St.  Contact Dale if interested.
- Bob Kalinoski - scholarship awards are underway.
- Sharon Kebil-Whisler - Mobile Mammogram screening will be available at the Markets on May 7, 2022 8:00am to 4:00pm by WellSpan Health
                                      - Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Just in time for Mother's Day and better Spring weather... shop Hope for The Future's PLANTER SALE at The Markets at Hanover. Enjoy a variety of beautiful cash and carry plants and flowers. Proceeds support Pledge The Pink to support breast cancer research and testing.
- Jessica Waltersdorf - social activity - ride the Ale Trail.  We have one bus and can add a second if there is enough interest.
- Walter Kovlinski - Support Delone Interact - will be having a fundraiser for the Homeless on Friday the 13th.  Please stop and talk to the students and donate. 
PROGRAM: MIRNA WILDASIN - MICHAEL BUTERA - Hanover Area Council of Churches
Mirna introduced Michael Butera who spoke about his association with the Council of Churches.  Michael gave a personal, moving account of his early life and support he received from HACC.   As a youngster he experienced a difficult life including being in placement, his family being evicted from their home, being hit by a car and resultant injuries, and living in shelter at HACC.  He feels that had it not been for HACC he would not be here with us today.  At age 15 Mike found music as his passion in life.  He has since had success in the music field and feels good about helping other artists in the area and HACC.  He has hosted several events to showcase their talent.  He donates $$ to HACC and needy families in the area.  He credits HACC with turning his life around.
Mike founded RIOYC - Rub It On Your Chest - as a slogan for people to stand up for themselves.

We appreciated Mike's honesty and sincerity in telling his life's story and wish him continued success in his career.