President Chris called the meeting to order at noon and Rick McKee led the pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 19 members attended in person and 3 attended on-line.  Guests included Mark Albright, visiting Rotarian; Mirna Wildasin, prospective member; Adam Ogle, speaker.
Karen Nelson - reminded us that the Kiwanis Club is raising money to build a pavilion at Moul field.  Please consider contributing.
Warren Risk - called attention to an email from the District office regarding the District's updated guidance to Clubs on Covid precautions.  Our Club seems to be following the their guidelines.
Tammy Miller - thanked Kevin Clark and Chris Helt for showing up last Friday to help plant a flower garden at a Personal Care Home.
Terry Gingrow - our storage unit was cleaned out by Craig Aiello and 5 of his sons. Some items were discarded and remaining items will be stored at Craig's facility.  Many thanks to Craig for providing the labor force and storage area and to Terry for cordoning the effort.  
PROGRAM: Adam Ogle, York Co Prison Update
Adam introduced himself and explained his role as interim Director of the prison operations.  He reviewed several statistics related to the current prison population including a total population of 1333 - 1203 male and 130 female.  The demographics reveal a very mixed population.
Adam expressed that various county agencies are pulling their efforts to collectively reduce the prison population.  The goals have changed over recent years from one of strictly detention/incarceration to one of rehabilitation and even prevention where possible.  He discussed various alternatives to incarceration.
The prison initiated a number of policies and practices  to keep inmates and staff safe during the covid pandemic - testing, vaccinations, cleaning, spacing, etc.
We appreciated the informative and interesting presentation about a very significant and necessary part of our Community.