Chris opened the meeting at noon and Rick McKee led in Pledge and Prayer.  Footnote - it was really great to see Rick again even if only virtually!
ATTENDANCE: 20 people attended in-person and 9 participated virtually.  Guests included 3 students of the month; Michelle Witman, guest of Peg Sennett; Mirna Wildasin, prospective member; Mark Albright, Rotarian from Brazil by way of East Berlin, Pa
- Tammy Miller - volunteers needed to plant a flower garden this coming friday in partnership with Windy Hill at a personal care home on Frederick St.  See separate article in this issue.
- Chris Helt, for Rick McKee - we need members to sign up for weekly Pledge and Prayer.  Please contact Rick directly.
- Chris distributed $10.00 gift certificates from Liz and The Markets At Hanover to all persons present.
- Greg Staub shared that the district received a beautiful banner in honor of the 2020 Global Grant that Jess spearheaded with the Braveheart 2 yr project.
INDUCTION - belated - Chris acknowledged newest members with their name tags and lanyards - Bob Kalinoski and Kevin Clark.  Both of these individuals have been very active in Club matters since joining.  They volunteer for service projects like Ruth's Harvest and Bob accepted Chair of the Scholarship Committee.  Good to have both of them as Club members. 
PROGRAM: Peg Sennett - Selling Treasures on the Internet - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 
During the winter months, Peg realized she had boxes of "treasures" that remained from recent downsizing and moving to a new home.  She decided to embark on an adventure of listing these items for sale on the internet so someone else could enjoy them.  She spent much time researching what sites to use to list things, taking photos of the  items, researching what reasonable prices to ask for them, etc.  After much discovery Peg decided that Marketplace on Facebook was the best site for her to use.
Peg showed pictures of some of some of the items she put out on the internet - cowboy things, glassware, coin collections, microscope, cowboy banjo.
One of the first items she put out there was a set of western sheriff badges.  she communicated back and forth with several people on the internet and even posted on e-bay.  This turned out to be a very negative experience.
As for unusual experiences, she sold some items to a lady who has a whole western theme in her backyard; a red cord wall phone that went to a lady who was remodeling her kitchen in an 80's retro theme in reds and yellows; and another lady who buys things then just stores them in her attic with looking at them!
Peg expressed that she did not get into this for the money but for the interesting stories that she learns about.  However, to date she has made $1257.00!!!  
So if you see Peg in the parking lot of Rite-aid transferring unusual items for $$ with someone, you will know why!!!