On Tuesday, March 31, the Rotary Club of Hanover, Pa conducted their first virtual Club Meeting on-line.  It is the intent of the President and Board to maintain communication and support to our membership throughout the current Coronavirus situation in our community.  A brief meeting summary follows.
President Craig called the meeting to order shortly after 12:00 pm with Chris Helt leading us with the prayer and pledge.  
ATTENDANCE - Within a few minutes we had 28 members and 2 guests signed into the on-line meeting.  Juliet Altenburg and John Anthony, two Rotarians from District Clubs, joined us.
Craig - the Methodist Men's Group donated $100 to the Club 
Craig (via Kim Hackett) - Our outbound exchange student, Erin, continued to stay in Austria and will finish out her final try-mester with a new family.   The Short Term Exchange Program has been cancelled for the summer - the Inbound Program is on a "watch" mode with the four applications that have been sent to the District still "active" but no other students are being assigned at this time.  Kim H. will provide updates as they are received. 
Rhonda Ramos - spoke about "Artwork for Healthcare Project.
Tammy Gobrecht - hospice is in need of N95 masks.  If anyone has N95 masks and would like to donate them they can contact me at  Hospice & Community Care. Tammy Gobrecht at tgobrecht@hospicecommunity.org or (717) 524-7188
Tammy Miller - Windy Hill Senior Center is providing meals to those 60 yrs old and older, and those of any age who are in desperate need, during this crisis, on Mon, Tues, and Wed 11:00 - 12:00noon.  If you know anyone in need, have them contact Tammy.
Christy Lucas - Military Share is in need of food goods for veterans.  Please contact Christy at Roots for Boots.
Jess Socrates - The Philippines is in major crisis now due to the pandemic.  15 doctors have died from the virus and another 15 have tested positive.  He asked if there was anything the Club could do.  Craig has received his request for help.
Bob Miller - HOBY Program has been cancelled for this year.
Warren Risk - The RYLA Program has been cancelled for this year.
Craig moderated the Program - How Local Companies Are Responding To This Crisis.
Craig has been in regular contact with several local businesses since the beginning of the pandemic.  He reports that it is encouraging to see many businesses helping each other with resources to get everyone through this crisis.  Some are sharing or providing respirators and other personal care equipment and supplies.
Most companies are actively following CDC guidelines to employees, clients and the comment safe - maintaining social distances while in the workplace, reducing staff in the workplace,  regular cleaning and sanitizing, rotating hours to reduce the # of employees in the workplace at one time.  Some companies and businesses have had to furlough employees.  Companies expect to be running light at least through April if not longer and will plan a gradual return to normal operation as soon as they can.
An example of a local company adapting is Bailey Coach.  John Bailey explained that his transportation business is shut down and buses are parked.  For many years he has been disinfecting his vehicles with electrostatic sprayers.  He now has 3 crews working full time to use this process to disinfect buildings and offices in industries like manufacturing, trucking, defense, etc.  He can fully disinfect a building like the Markets on Broadway in a couple of hours.  Contact him if you are interested in this service for your company.