President Brandon opened the meeting at 12:24pm and Ellie Rebert led the pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 29 members were in attendance which is 37.18 % of our current membership. A total of 7 guests were present including Chad Myers, Rotarian from the York Club and  6 students of the month.
NEW MEMBER INDUCTION: Matt Connor was inducted into membership.  Michael Hockenberry is his sponsor.
- Bob Miller mentioned an upcoming chicken dinner fundraiser on 4/2.  See Bob for details.
- Terry Gingrow - reminder us of the new address to mail in our quarterly dues.  He also said that credit card payments are available to us.  See Terry for details.
- Paul Berg - mentioned pictures that we received from Jess Socrates concerning the piggery we helped sponsor in the Philippines. (See below)
- Greg Staub - the Braveheart III project grant has been approved. 
PROGRAM: Lindsey Mackie - Byrnes Health Center 26 years of Health Education
Highlights from her presentation include:
- The center, located on S. George St in York, opened in 1995 with the purpose of delivering health education to students.  They began with 2 theaters and now have 5.  All programs back them were held at this facility and students from area school districts traveled there.  They have provided 7.75 million Health Ed programs during these past 26 years.
- Currently they offer 52 programs for students and 30 for adults.  Teams travel out to schools and organizations to deliver programs.
- They also provide on-line programs, like vaping and social and emotional health, to reach more people.  They also provide Webcasts.
- They provide programs to a large area way beyond York Co, to neighboring counties, States and even into Canada.
- Looking to the future they are completing much over-due updates to 2 existing theaters and adding a new theatre - Human Health and General Health/ Social and Emotional Health; adding STEM workshops.