President Craig opened the virtual meeting at noon.  Melissa Plitt provided the pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE - 23 members were in virtual visual and/or audio attendance.  We welcomed 2 guests,  Rich Gough and one of our presenters, Lisa Duffy.
Craig - We are approaching the end of the Rotary year and a smooth transition is being planned between Craig and  Chris Helt.   A number of Officer and Board positions are open as well as Committee Chairs. Fortunately several members have expressed interest in stepping up.  If you have an interest in getting more involved , please contact Craig.  On July 7 the Board will meet at Hanover Country Club for the induction of our incoming leadership team and it will be a virtual meeting for our members.
Warren - Committee to Re-Open Rotary Meetings  has sent out a survey.  Thank you for responding to it.  We are now analyzing the input and aspects of our Green phase to develop a plan to see each other at Rotary again.
Warren - you will soon be receiving an email asking you to update your Profile information in our Directory.
- $1 for John Bailey who arranged for a gallon of hand sanitizer to be delivered to Donna Haar
- $1 for our Club’s response to help Donna Haar and wish her well.
PROGRAM - Mike Hockenberry and Lisa Duffy - "UPMC Hanover and Memorial Regional Update"
(the PowerPoint presentation is available in the Downloads section on our website)
Brief overview:
- Mike began by sharing some data related to the Covid19 situation statewide, and at UPMC Hanover and Memorial.
- the # of positive cases continues to decline
- we enter the Green phase June 12 and Mike reviewed the Work and Congregate restrictions and the Social Restrictions of this phase
- Statistics for both the Hanover and York Specimen Collection Sites were shared
- Personal Protection Equipment (PPE's) for all UPMC sites continue in good supply; Testing/Services/Surgeries continue to increase & are now at 80% capacity;  Hospitals continue to see increases in Emergency cases; hospitals allowing i "support person" to see patients, but this is NOT visitation
- Telemedicine Visits are over 40,000 video visits with more new patients enrolled daily
- UPMC launched "Here For You" Campaigns, Phases I and II
Lisa shared new Providers and Services in the following areas:
- UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute
- Endocrinology
- Gastroenterology
- General Surgery
- Neurology Services
- Primary Care
- UPMC Outpatient Center  opening in August atSouth Hanover  - Express Care, Primary Care, Lab and Imaging, Cardiology, Cardiac and Pulmonary Diagnostics, endocrinology, General Surgery, and Select Physical Therapy
Both Mike and Lisa entertained questions.  We thank them both for a very informative session!
NEXT WEEK’S PROGRAM - John Kramb "Highlights from His Trip to India"