President Brandon opened the meeting at 12:25 pm and John Bailey led us in the Pledge and Prayer.  John also provided us with a short history of the Pledge.
ATTENDANCE: 32 members were present which represents 43.24 % of our membership.  There were 2 guests - Pete Miele, speaker and Rotarian from the Gettysburg Club; and Kendall Swift, guest of Kathi Fuhrman.
          - Christy Lucas - reminder that the Military Share Program will be held next Tuesday here at The Markets.  Volunteers are needed help with the lunches and food distribution.  You can come in before the Rotary Meeting or after from 1:00 to 3:00pm.
          - Brandon Gething -  when Brandon leaves his position as President on July 1, he has volunteered to head up the Club's fundraising efforts.  He expects to have a meeting in the early Fall to plan fundraisers and would like members to agree to help out with planning and administration of events.  If would like to serve on this committee please talk to Brandon.  (THANK YOU BRANDON FOR STEPPING UP TO TAKE ON THIS MUCH NEEDED EFFORT)
BIRTHDAY WHEEL FOR JUNE:  Several Rotarians with June birthdays spun the wheel and many members had to "pay up".
50/50 DRAWING: A total of $66 was raised today 1/2 going to the Foundation and 1/2 going to the 50/50 pot.  Mark  Riggs won the right to draw a card from the deck of 51 cards plus the 2 jokers.  No one won the "pot"so the amount in the "pot" next week will be $404.  A card will be drawn from the deck of 50 plus 2 jokers next week.
PROGRAM: Pete Miele, Executive Director of the Seminary Museum and Education Center - "The Civil War: Inside and Outside"
The Seminary building was built 31 years prior to the battle of Gettysburg and as such is the only museum in Gettysburg whose facility was there while the bullets were actually flying and the battle flags waving.  
As a way of introduction to the Seminary Museum and Education Center,  Pete told us an interesting and intricate story about the building and it's relation to the battle of Gettysburg.  He started the tale with Samuel Simon Shmucker, a Lutheran minister who at one time lived in New Market, Va, inherited 2 slaves from his father-in-law, and eventually ended up as the first head of the Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg.  He was increasingly torn between slavery and anti-slavery feelings, especially after the admittance of the first African American student to the Seminary.  He wound into his story Buford's Union troops getting pushed back to the walls of the Seminary on July 1. With each account he told us personal stories of the people involved.  This led into the Seminary being used as the first hospital during the battle lasting for the next 2 1/2 months until they opened for classes in September.  
The Seminary survived the battle and the war and tons of stories to tell.  If one visits the Museum and Education Center these stories and many more will be revealed.  Pete gave an intriguing talk about the history of the Seminary leaving many of us wanting to visit the facility.