OPENING -President Craig opened the meeting at 12:05 pm and Alicia Bowman led us in the Pledge and Prayer
ATTENDANCE - There was a total of 23 members who attended virtually via video and or audio connection.  No guests signed in.
- Craig clarified that next Tuesday July 7 at noon we will have a virtual meeting to induct our new president.  The Board will meet at Hanover Country Club in-person and broadcast to the membership virtually.
- Bob Miller announced that as of this morning our Club had the highest per capita contribution to the Rotary Foundation in the District.  This could change as tallies are still be updated.
- Craig mentioned that the Club is looking at subscribing to it's own ZOOM account instead of using a personal member's account.  This will allow us the flexibility of having someone else host a ZOOM meeting if the situation warrants.
PROGRAM - Craig Aiello - Club Assembly - Re-Cap of the 2019-2020 Hanover Rotary Year.
Craig shared that our Vision Statement was composed of 4 components, and he provided an update on each component:
  1. Increase Impact - 6 ideas were generated  to explore for alternative fundraising.  These now need to be examined and determine which to follow through on.
  2. Expand Reach - an effort was made to build our Club Leadership capacity by encouraging members to attend Rotary trainings.  6 members have attended such trainings and we should see them accepting leadership positions in the Club in the coming years.  This will help our succession in the coming years.  Membership fell to 82 from a high of 87, somewhat due to the covid19 crisis as companies cut back on expenses.
  3. Enhance Participant Engagement - Craig gave the following examples from this year where our members were engaged - Ruth's Harvest Monthly Commitment to pack meal bags; Roots For Boots contributions in-kind, food items and money; Tastefest fundraiser where many members help out.  Additionally we had a good Club turnout for College Night even though there were not many students in attendance.  The support for the Polio Campaign throughout the year was strong and the highlight was the event with the bus in the Bay City parking lot.  On an International level Operation Braveheart continued to serve the medical needs of many children in the Philippines with heart operations.
  4. Increase Ability to Adapt.  Though not originally planned, the Club has been resilient in their efforts to adapt to a virtual experience through virtual meetings and events in place of in-person gatherings.  We look forward to beginning in-person experiences soon!
Thank you to President Craig for a job well done, especially in the face of extremely difficult times since February with the pandemic!  Good Job!
NEXT WEEK'S PROGRAM - Chris Helt - Induction of President and New Officers & Board for 2020 -2021