President Brandon called the meeting to order at 12:25 pm and Ellie Rebert led the Pledge and Prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 34 members were in attendance which represents 47.32% of our membership.  We had 3 guests - Heidi Wrights, guest of Mike Kelly; Melissa Fowble & Jennifer Newberry from Members 1st bank, guests of Kathi Fuhrman.
     Dale Brubaker - he inquired with HACC about service projects that Rotarians could consider.
     Brandon Gething - expects to have a late Fall fundraiser - more info to come.
    Terry Gingrow -  Dues will be coming out soon -  Remember that payments are to be sent to Rotary Club of Hanover,  P.O. Box 18, Hanover, Pa 17331.  If your company or organization is paying your dues please tell your Accounts Payable folks to use this address.  Thank you!

     John Kramb - Former District Governor - 
Today is the last day of the Rotary Year for we Rotarians to raise the $50 million for PolioPlus which we need to get the entire match from the Gates foundation.
The last report I saw (earlier in the week) showed that we are $3,000,000 short of our goal.
Please, make a donation to PolioPlus today so that we can reach our goal.  I am also asking that you reach out to your club members right now and encourage them to donate also.
It's easy.  Either go to your "My Rotary" account and click on the "Donate" button at the upper right corner of the home page, or click on this link:
All donations help in our effort to eradicate Polio, and either method of donation is credited to the donor's Paul Harris points.
Thank you
John G. Kramb


50/50 DRAWING :  STEVE PLUMLEE won the chance to draw a card,  but a Joker was not drawn this week so the pot now goes up to $636.00 and there is one less card in the total deck for next week!

PROGRAM: Brandon Gething - Outgoing President's Message
Brandon noted that a President's term consists of 514,380 minutes.  Every President faces challenges in their term and Brandon said his was restoring a sense of normalcy to the Board and Club after the pandemic.  Brandon encouraged everyone to serve the Club in whatever way they can.  He presented each Board member with a coin to commemorate their time on the Board.      
In his last official action as District Governor, Greg Staub inducted Kathi Fuhrman as President of our Club for the coming year.  He also inducted the Board for the same time period.  The Board for the coming year consists of : Kathi Fuhrman, President;  Kelly Rebert, Secretary; Terry Gingrow, Treasurer;  Brandon Gething, Immediate Past President;  Jessica Waltersdorff; Christy Lucas; Chris Helt; Paul Berg; Mark Riggs
NEXT WEEK'S PROGRAM: KATHI FUHRMAN, Incoming President's Message