President Craig opened our virtual meeting at noon on Tuesday June 2, 2020 beginning with the Pledge and Prayer.
ATTENDANCE - There were 38 members in virtual visual and/or audio attendance
Warren shared for Alicia Bowman - The June Ruth's Harvest meal packing date has changed again.  Apparently their food delivery has changed causing them to make an adjustment to pack.  The new date is Tuesday June 9 from 9:00 am to 10:30am at the same location on Middle St.  5 people had signed up already and Alicia was going to contact them directly with the change. New Volunteers can still sign up on line.  The packing will resume again at the end of summer.
Warren Risk - The Committee to Develop a Plan To Re-open in-person Rotary Meetings just sent out a brief survey to all members via SURVEY MONKEY in an effort to get your input.  Your feelings and concerns are very valuable to the Committee as they move ahead.  Please complete and submit this 8 question survey as soon as you can.
IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE a survey, please contact Warren and one will be sent out to you.  Thank you.
PROGRAM - State Representative Torren "Landslide" Ecker
Torren addressed a number of issues that State Government is dealing with now.  Among them were:
Budget - A temporary budget was passed to keep programs and services running for the next several months.  This was done because the House does not have a good handle on financial matters due to the covid19 situation.  Education was one of the few areas which was fully funded for the year.  Education was funded at last year's level. Lawmakers will revisit the remainder of the budget in November.
CoVid 19 - a number of issues have been addressed.  He said this has been a challenging time to be in State Gov't.  Basically most people want to return to work and a sense of "normalcy".
Ist Bill - Torren got his first passed and signed by the Governor.  It has to do with Jr Firefighters.
2nd Bill - a second Bill of his which he hopes to have signed by the Governor has to do with Strangulation.
Normally freshmen congresspersons are quiet and watch and learn the process their first year, but he is very pleased to have gotten a Bill passed and maybe even two.
Fall Issues likely will be :
Minimum Wage
College Scholarship Fund
Elections - mail-in, elimination of straight party voting
Torren ended by saying that this has been a great experience for him.  He enjoys talking to people, listening to their perspectives, he tries to be non-partisan and listen with an open mind, and being able to help people. 
Torren then did a nice job answering the questions from various members.