President Chris called the meeting to order at noon.
ATTENDANCE:  22 people were in attendance in-person including 3 guests - Steve Plumlee, prospective member; Austin Carroll, prospective member; Cami Bisch, CEO, YMCA and our speaker.
                               8 people were in virtual attendance
      Chris Helt - Beginning July 6 we will be officially holding our meetings in-person here at The Markets At Hanover as prior to the Covid break.  The next Rotary billing will reflect not only your District and RI dues but also our lunches.  We will begin buffet lunches on the July 6 and there will be no need to order in advance.  
     Chris Helt - the Paul Berg Asparagus challenge ends today and the asparagus plants will be counted.  All proceeds will go to the Rotary Club!
INDUCTION: President Chris inducted Steve Plumlee, CEO at CIO, 1157 Eichelberger St Hanover, into membership.  "Welcome Steve"  Please introduce yourself to Steve when you see him at meetings.
Cami is the new Director of the Hanover YMCA replacing Liam.  She came to us from the St Louis, Mo. YMCA system.
Cami spoke of 2020/21 as the "Year of the Mask".  She described all of the precautions the Y put in place to keep staff and members safe.  They continued several activities when they could like Blood Drives, virtual classes, summer camps in pods, and opening the outdoor pool.  They were able to manage their 5.5 million $ budget throughout the year using cash reserves, controlling expenses, and generating revenue.  Members are returning to use the Y.  They are serving about 70% of the members out of a total of 17 - 19,000 people.
Cami spoke about insuring the future of the Y:
     - operational health
     - build relationships
     - establish and/or expand community relationships - with YWCA, RFP's - Integrative Care Partnerships, Littlestown Borough
     - Get members back
     - meet Community needs
     - maintain fiscal responsibility