Brandon opened the business meeting after lunch and Liz Johnides led in Pledge and Prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 34 out of 79 members were present for the meeting which is 43.04% of our membership.
Brandon G. - we will continue to broadcast each meeting via Zoom to give our members an option in the event that they cannot attend.  If you tune in you will be able to hear what is happening in the meeting.
Brandon G. - we have several committee chairperson openings which need to be filled, including - Ruth's Harvest, Pledge and Prayer, Rotary Foundation, Raffle fundraiser, Sergeant at Arms & Community Requests.  Please contact Brandon or any Board member if you want more info or if you are interested in stepping up to help.
Terry G. - Paul Berg's Great Asparagus Challenge netted the Club $635.00 which will go into the General Fund.
PROGRAM: JUSTINE TRUCKSESS - Update on MainStreet Hanover
Justine gave us information about several areas of downtown Hanover.
           McAllister is nearing the end of the renovation efforts and may conclude by late Aug.  Handsome Cab will be opening an upscale restaurant there as well as the apts upstairs.
           40 Broadway - Fat Back Brew Pub is open and a restaurant will open in the front of the bldg.
           Montgomery Ward Bldg. - there will be vendors on the 1st floor and apts on the 2nd and 3rd floor
           Chestnut St Property will be renovated into apts.
New Businesses 
Justine explained that even through Covid Hanover saw a number of new businesses open.  She listed several including Fat Back, Rock Bottom, Cake & Panini Bar, and an expansion of services from Divinio's.
The Chamber Bldg is moving to York St and the current Chamber Bldg is up for sale
Outdoor Recreation
Hanover is included in the York Co. "Trail Town" effort as a destination for rail trail traffic.  Hanover wants to be ready for the expansion of the rail trail when it comes to our area.
Hometown Heroes  
Hanover is honoring those who served our country through history.  The have expanded the # of banners to 50.  As you drive through town you can see the banners hanging on light poles 
Events - the events are beginning to open up as the pandemic subsides and people are anxious to get out and do things.  Justine mentioned a few including Wellness Crawl; Picnic In The (Wirt) Park; Taco Tour; Art in the (Wirt) Park; and the Brewery Olympics.
And finally, the Gazebo!  The historical society has agreed to house and display the plaques and markers that were formerly displayed in the gazebo.  The brick foundation will house the Christmas Tree and be a focal point for the quadrant.
All of these endeavors, event, projects can be found on the Borough Website, Instagram, and FaceBook.