President Chris called the meeting to order at noon and Rick McKee led the pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE:  27 people were in attendance including students of the month, our speaker, C.J. Weigle, and prospective member Robert Kalinoski.
INDUCTION:  President Chris inducted Robert Kalinoski into membership in the Club. He is currently of council with the Becker Law Group in Hanover.  Bob was a very active in his former Club in Towsontown, Md.  Please extend a warm welcome to Bob when you see him.  We look forward to his classification speech next week. 
STUDENTS: The students who were in attendance gave their perspective on the experience with Rotary over the past month.
PROGRAM: C.J. Weigle, member of Representative Kate Klunk's staff
Things we learned from C.J. included -
> Regarding the election, they want to be sure that every legal vote was counted; and they want the public to have confidence that the Pa election system is safe, secure and legitimate.
> The Attorney General asked that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate any allegations about improprieties in the process.
> Unemployment compensation - backlogs and problems that exist which delays payment to individuals.
> Bottleneck at the intersection of Moulstown Rd/ Eisenhower Dr. and Broadway   
> Status of $145 million proposed to help small business - questions remain as to the legal authority to present it and where will the money come from
> Vaccination rollout to the public - perhaps by mid January
> Availability of Covid testing - still an issue
> Issues with DMV/DOT responding very slowly to licensing and vehicle issues. Disruptions from covid have slowed everything down and it is frustrating