Brandon opened the meeting at 12:25

Kathi Fuhrman led us in prayer and the pledge.

ATTENDANCE: 32 members representing 42.11% of our membership; and 2 guests, Judy Jodice, guest of Ralph;   and 1 visiting Rotarian, Mark Albright who brought us up-to-date on the years-long renovations to his home here in Hanover.


Dale Brubaker told the Club of a community project, the restoration of a storage building that was constructed by Hanover Rotary many years ago at the Myers Memorial Park in the Borough of Hanover. Dale is looking for 4-5 Rotarians to do just a few minor repairs and to re-stain the building. Please contact Dale if you have a little free time for this worthwhile community project.

Paul Berg invited anyone who has an interest to stop by his home to see the big, beautiful White Birch tree that he recently planted, with the help of a fork lift, that will give Paul good feelings of his native state of Wisconsin. I did stop by, it looks great Paul. Go Badgers!

Our Treasurer Terry is a very happy Rotarian! He collected a record $104. Happy Dollars this week!!! Thanks to everyone who contributed. So where do these Happy Dollars go you ask? No, not for Terry’s wine purchases, not nearly enough for that. For now, these funds are going into our Operating Account but later this Rotary year (July 1 - June 30) these funds will be used to help support our Community Requests. And a big THANKS to Doug Becker for stepping up to chair that important committee. 

PROGRAM: Robert Godfrey, from the Handsome Cab Co. in York on opening a new restaurant in Hanover - McAllister's

Our program this week was provided by Robert Godfrey who along with his business partner Andrew have renovated and will soon (30-45 days) open McAllisters on York St. You may remember it as the restaurant of many names over the years on the first floor of the McAllister Hotel in the first block of York St. They have also renovated and own a restaurant on the second block of N. George St. in York referred to as “restaurant row” since January 2016 called The Handsome Cab that has been very successful for them and they are hoping to duplicate that success here in Hanover. The seating capacity of both restaurants is approximately 165 that includes tables and bar seating so you can stop in for dinner, a bite or a drink or two after work some evening. They are also converting the attached building to the south for additional seating that may include roof-top seating but don’t quote me on that I was too busy counting all the Happy Dollars while subbing as RotaGram publisher for Warren this week. Robert’s business mantra is Renovate, Rejuvenate, Revitalize = Economic Impact. And from what we heard at Tuesday’s meeting he’s doing a great job of that. The McAllister on York sounds like a winner to me and hopefully as Rotarians we will support it!

Robert also told us of the renovation of the McAllister Hotel itself, He and Andrew are not involved with that but since they are in the building every day, they see what’s going on. That developer’s name is Jordon Ilyers who also has an option on the old State Theatre on Frederick St, He has many ideas for the old theater such as dinner-theater, stage performances, proms, wedding receptions, business conferences and others. Jordon is also working on what was formally a car dealership many years ago, anyone remember the name? at the corner of E. Chestnut St. and Railroad St. that he plans to develop into 2-3 floor apartments. A lot going on in our little town of Hanover. Thanks to Robert for bringing us the good news!

NEXT WEEK'S PROGRAM: Mirna Wildasin, New Member Classification Speech