President Chris called the meeting to order at noon and Terry Gingrow led us in pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 22 members were on line virtually and 17 members met in-person Boots.  Our speaker and 6 of the Students of The Month were guests.
Jess Socrates - we have received approval to submit the Braveheart Project in the Philippines for a third time.  It is very rare that RI  approves submission of the same project for a second time and this is almost unheard of to try for a third time.  Reminder this is only for approval to submit, NOT approval of the project itself!
     - Jess's son is recovering from surgery dealing with a very rare form of cancer.  He is reportedly tumor-free.  We wish him our best!
Chris Helt - we are continuing to conduct in-person meeting each Tuesday in conjunction with our Zoom meetings.  We are meeting at the The Markets at Hanover on Broadway.  Members can order a lunch on-line up to Friday pm the week before our Tuesday meeting.  Attendance has been steading increasing each week.
     - We were very happy to see Bert Elsner in person this week!!
     - Christy Lucas won the Remarkable Woman Award for her work with Roots For Boots.  There will be a 1/2 hour special this Friday at 7:30pm on ABC, channel 27 featuring Christy and the work that she does to support veterans.  Well deserved!
     - Many thanks to Tammy Miller and the rest of the Program committee for lining up very interesting, informative presentations for us each week.
 Greg Staub -  encourages everyone to sign for the District conference which will be held beginning Friday April 30 for 3 days.  It will be conducted  virtually and is a Tri -District effort.  The cost is $25.00.
STUDENTS OF THE MONTH:  Each of the students present told us about their activities and future aspirations.
PROGRAM: Jen Cristofoletti, York Co. Solid Waste Management - "Where Does Your Garbage Go?"
Jen provided a very interesting program describing the York Co waste management system in place.  It is physically located just off rt 30 behind the Round The Clock Diner.  The whole operation is there including a large tipping room, incinerator, and ash bagging plant.  They have been in operation for 31 years and are 1 of 6 such facilities in PA. They handle solid waste in York Co and accept some waste from other counties.  Basically the plant changes waste into energy to drive a steam generator to make electricity.  She outlined the process that waste goes through 24/7, 365 days per year.  They do not own or operate any of the trucks that bring the waste in. Various townships and municipalities contract with a handful of private companies to haul waste in to be processed.  She explained that trucks bring waste in -> are weighed-> waste is dumped onto the tipping floor where unwanted items like metals are separated -> combustion unit of the incinerator -> heat/ steam turns a generator -> electricity is made.
They are using the latest technology to release as little pollution as possible, even collecting ash in the bathhouse so it is not release into the air.  Metals go to a scrapyard to be recycled.  It is a clean, renewable energy source.