Past President Chris Helt opened the meeting at 12:25 and Steve Plumlee led the Pledge and Prayer.
ATTENDANCE:  27 members were in attendance which represents  35.53% of the membership.  We also had 5 students of the month as our guests'
STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: Chris asked the Students of the Month to introduce themselves.  They were William Coulson and Olivia Wetzel from SouthWestern, Matthew Stoops from Spring Grove, and Brian Moore and Jana Rohrbaugh from Delone.
Bob Miller - announced that the Littlestown Fish & Game is having a kids fishing day on May 1.  Kids up to age 15 can fish from noon to 2:00pm; anyone can fish from 3:00 to 5:00.  Must bring your own rod and bait.
Greg Staub - registration for the District conference May 6 & 7 is now open.  Themes are Leadership and Membership development.  See article in RotaGram.
Ralph Jodice - Ralph told us about his recent JA presentation and what it meant to the kids and to him.  He highly recommended it to the group.
PROGRAM: Mark Albright - Rotary Classification Speech

Mark began by telling us a little about his personal life beginning with early years in York. He graduated from Penn State with a degree in electrical engineering.   He has a wife and three children, the youngest is in High School.  

Mark's work career has followed an interesting path and has been guided by coincidence, networking, and taking advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves.  He began in Instrumentation, which led to flowmaster companies, engineering design and sales, and eventually starting his own company in automation instruction.  Some projects they worked on include automated snow making at White Deer; automating studios at NPR ; and waste water flow.    He eventually took a job in Denmark with a Danish firm, and then moved on to a little known province in Brazil where he founded a company providing consultation to local companies to prepare products for sale in the US.  His Rotary networking contacts were instrumental in getting started with the companies down there and making it very successful.
At the end of his very informative and entertaining talk, Mark told us two things that we need to know about him: 1) his social skills stink and 2) he has a rare facial recognition syndrome, so be understanding if you see him in public and he doesn't recognize you.