President Chris called the virtual meeting to order at 12:05 pm.  Rick McKee led us in Pledge and Prayer.
There were 28 Rotarians in virtual attendance.  Guests included Judy Jodice and our Speaker, Chad Martin, Hanover Borough Police Chief.
Chris - Walt Maust is now an Honorary member of the Club, at his request.  Walt also mentioned that his wife Judy has completed her cancer treatment and is recuperating.  We welcome Walt back with us virtually after having been in Virginia with his wife for several weeks.  We wish her the very best!
Chris - we still need Program ideas and volunteers for the Pledge and Prayer for upcoming meetings.  A Pledge and Prayer sign-up sheet for Sept was emailed to all members earlier in the day.
Chris Lontz - has set a date for his wedding after securing the venue.  Big congrats to Chris!!!
Terry - Treasurer Terry will be adding any Happy Dollar money you propose directly to your quarterly bill.  This is particularly useful in light of our virtual meetings.  Thank you Terry!
PROGRAM - Chief Chad Martin, Hanover Borough Police Chief
Chief Martin's program was divided into three parts - Introduction and background of himself; COVID 19; Current Policing Environment.  Following are some of the things we learned:
Background - Chad was born and raised in Hanover, attended York College Criminal Justice Program; served in the Marine Corps Reserve from 1995-2001; joined the Hanover Police force in 1997, and rose through the ranks to Chief in 2016.  He comes from a law enforcement family.
COVID -19 -
     - The force practices safe precautions including social distancing, masks, proper hygiene to keep themselves and the public safe.
     - they service via phone whoever possible
     - they ask to talk to and interview people outside
     - they limit the type of assistance they respond to
     - perform daily cleaning of vehicles and station
     - they stay informed of and comply with State Health orders
     - be aware of scams related to COVID -19 - testing, meds and contact tracing
     - some public events have been cancelled due to the pandemic
Current State of Policing
     - The situation that occurred in Minneapolis with George Floyd should never have happened
     - Hanover in particular - there were a few protests in the square, the largest was on June 6th.  There were few incidents associated with it. 
     - The police feel the support of the community
     - The department see themselves as part of the community, not apart or above the citizenry.
     - Things that have kept them relevant and effective include - their hiring process, training, participation in the community.
     - Several years ago they started something called Community Policing Areas or CPA's.  Officers are signed to 2 or 3 specific zones which they patrol regularly on foot and in a vehicle.  The idea is for them to get to know the individuals in their area and for residents to get to know them on a personal level.
Chief Martin also spoke of their Complaint Policy, the Use of Force policy, and their continued progress to earn the status of an Accredited Police Agency.  
Thank you Chief for your service to our country, the community and for your continued efforts to keep the Hanover public safe.