Rotary Club Meeting 2/16/21 Summary  submitted by Terry Gingrow


Meeting opened by President Chris at 12:00 pm

Prayer & Pledge conducted by Carrie Nace

ATTENDANCE 33 members in attendance including 6 Students of the Month (no students from Hanover)


ROTARY MINUTE:Deb Stambaugh presented our Rotary Minute today. She joined Hanover Rotary a little over two years ago. She was attracted to Rotary because of the work that Rotary International does in the world-wide elimination of polio. Presently there are only two countries in the world where polio exists, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The major reason for that is political with Taliban leaders spreading lies that the polio vaccine contains harmful contents that will affect the minds and health of the people there.  Deb had suffered with polio when she was a child. After recovering from the childhood effects, she then developed rare symptoms as an adult that she gracefully deals with today. Thanks for a great message Deb.


PROGRAM: Donna Moyer and orm Basso, Globel Grant Program of the North York Club

Our speakers today were Donna Moyer and Norm Basso from the York North Rotary Club. Donna is the current Club President and Norm is a 28-year founding member of the York North Club. He is currently the Project Chair of a Global Grant Project the club is working on with the Rotary Club of Rio Grande de Argentina. That club is located at almost the bottom of the earth; if not, you can see the bottom of the earth from there. Unknowingly, the project got its roots in 2005 when Norm and his wife hosted a Youth Exchange student, Maria, from the Rio Grande club. Over the years they and their families formed a bond. Norm told us that he now calls Maria his daughter and she calls him Dad. The more Norm and his Club learned about the Rio Grande Club the more they wanted to help them and thus the work on this project was born. The problem is that medical care along with almost every other service that we take for granted is located as much as hundreds of miles away from Rio Grande. The mortality rate of young children there is very high. The Rotary club there has started to build a medical facility and that’s the easy part. The real work, the part that costs money, is the build out with the medical equipment, beds and staff. They have also begun the build housing for the staff that will be necessary. The York North’s goal for this project is $18,000 that can be tripled as it goes through the District and the Foundation approvals. That means their $18,000 can turn into $54,000 for the Rio Grande Club to help furnish their new hospital. The club there has also come up with local funds in their area to help as well including a local contractor who has committed US$80,000. Please see President Chris if you have questions or would like to help our friends at the York North Club.

Hanover Rotarians interested in making a donation to the North York Rotary Club project in Argentina, can make a tax-deductible donation to the Hanover Charitable Trust. North York Rotary would be notified of the total amount and the Rotary Club of Hanover would be listed as a participating club in the project.