President Brandon opened the meeting at 12:22pm and Melissa Plitt led the Pledge & Prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 36 members were in attendance which represents 45.68% of our membership.
                                7 guests were in attendance, all February students of the month
ANNOUNCEMENTS: There were no announcements today
STUDENTS OF THE MONTH:  Each of the students told us what they gained from their experience with Rotary.
PROGRAM: Kasey King , Classification Speech
Kasey began by telling us us a bit about her early life growing up on the west side of York.  She participated in ballet, gymnastics and swimming and attended schools in York City, West York and Dallastown.  She left home at age 16 and took care of herself.  Her parents instilled within her a very strong work ethic and sense of responsibility and accountability.  She now works as a realtor.
By age 20 she purchased her first house and had a child a year later.
At this time Kasey was working a blue collar job and had a set routine - get -up, go to work, come home to eat, sleep then get up the next day and repeat it all again.  In the ensuing years she began working her "up the ladder" through hard work and diligence.  Life outside of work changed for her as well.  She entered a triathlon on a lark, began working out at the Y, was introduced to Tough Mudders events, increased her workouts at the Ybecoming a gym rat, entered Spartan Racing events.  She excelled at these and was definitely "hooked".
She joined Rotary essentially with a desire to help others.
On more of a personal note, we found out that she married in 2018, has 3 teenagers in her home, along with a german shepherd.  She organizes a hiking group with events 2x per month on various rails in the region.
Kasey's story is one of grit and determination to succeed in life, both professionally and personally.  She is quite an inspiration and will bring much to Rotary!