President Brandon brought the meeting to order at 12:25 pm and Rick McKee led the Pledge and Prayer.
ATTENDANCE: Members - 26 members were in attendance which represents 32.10% of our membership
                              Guests - 6 students of the month attended; Jared Lawrence, guest of Chris Helt; Carey Plumlee, guest of Steve Plumlee
     - Ralph Jodice - a Roots for Boots event is going on in the Markets today.  Please stop over and see what they are doing.
     - Dale Brubaker - UPMC Blood bank Feb 3, 2022 8:00am to 7:00pm  (See separate article below from Mike Hockenberry.)
     - Terry Gingrow - for those interested, you can now begin charging your quarterly dues to a debit or credit card.  Please contact Terry for the required form to use to
        initiate this process.
PROGRAM: KRISTIN WARNER -  Classification Speech
Kristin is one of our relatively new members and she told us a bit about herself through her Classification Speech.  These are some of the things we learned:
 She was born and grew up near Shiloh outside of York.  She attended West York schools and graduated from York College with a degree in Marketing.  During her time t York she realized she liked non-profits and did a lot of volunteering while there.   Initially she worked for an organization providing support to small and medium-sized businesses related to exporting.  Her organization then became associated with the World Trade Centers Association located in Harrisburg.  After some time she lost her job there due to downsizing.  She used this time away from structured, formal employment to assist her ailing mother, provide Youth ministry, and did free lance marketing involving websites, marketing plans, etc.
She then worked for a non-profit insurance company and through that experience eventually joined New Hope Ministries as their Gifts Officer. A former Rotarian, Brent Toomey, used to hold that position.  Kristin explained more about New Hope Ministries and their expansion in the area.
In terms of her personal life Kristin shared that she is married to her husband Jim and they have three children and a chocolate lab.  She enjoys cooking, smoking meats outdoors, hiking and family activities.
Kristin gave us a very interesting view of her life and work and several members asked questions for more information.  Thank you Kristin.  We are happy to have you as part of the Club!