Regular Club Meeting Feb 18, 2020
ATTENDANCE - 49 of our 85 members attended which is 57.65% of our membership.  Also in attendance were Anne Druck, Downtown York Club; Chris Zoller, wife of Darryl; and 6 students of the month.
Carol Connor - 3 items - diamond necklace, purse, briefcase - will be auctioned off at Tastefest.
Craig Aiello - the District Conference will be held on Friday May 1 & Saturday May 2 at The York History Center and Heritage Hills, York.  Register at District website.
Bob Miller -  Honorary Member Frank Bagot has been moved into Central Care at Homewood.  He would appreciate visitors.
- Paul Harris Fellowships were awarded to Darryl Zoller(1st), Terry Gingrow (multiple), Kim Hackett(multiple),
PROGRAM - ANNE DRUCK ,    "United Way of York County Update; Donor Trends; ALICE Program
Some of the things Anne shared with us include:
- John Bailey significantly increased the United Way donorship in his company and Utz also showed a positive increase.
- Lessons Learned for UW are investing in CRM - Customer Related Management - in the organization so they can now help donors bundle ALL their Community giving; and they received a Stabler Grant to purchase a van.
- Challenges for UW are the fact that donorship across the country and locally have decreased by 45%. Recognizing that the Donor Landscape has changed and the need to model things that are working for Lehigh Valley and Berks  Co. Additionally the UW building needs a new roof and AC system
- ALICE Asset LimitedIncome Constrained Employed - 32% of the population fits into this category.  These folks are living paycheck to paycheck and are one medical or financial emergency away from disaster.  Chief causes are Housing, healthcare, and transportation expenses.
Anne threw out a challenge to Rotary - We give “educational scholarships” to students for college, so why not offer a program to provide “childcare scholarships “?
 These 3 elements are indicitive of strong. Communities - Chamber of Commerce - Community Foundation - United Way!
NEXT WEEK'S PROGRAM FEB 25, 2020 -  Tara Kauffman   "Rotary Classification Speech"