Meeting Summary March 10, 2020
ATTENDANCE 39 of our 85 members were in attendance which represents 45.88% of our membership.  Guests/speakers included Dr Kurt Thomas DO,  Vice President Medical Affairs;  Dr. Brittany Barker, DO, Hospitalist and Program Medical Director; Jennifer Laughman, Infection Preventionist, Lisa Duffy, all from UPMC.  Also, 8 Students of the Month attended.
Grant Holub - Rotary Raffle Fundraiser is underway.  If you haven’t received your tickets to sell, or if you need more tickets, please contact Grant or Merle.
Craig Aiello - recognized Kelly Rebert and the entire Tastefest Committee for a job well done for a very successful event.  Many members stated how well the event went.  Nice job!
Craig (and Kim Hackett) - our incoming exchange student for the 2020/21 school year is Gustav Christianson from Denmark.  All accounts are that he is a bright young man, social, and athletic.  PLEASE HELP US TO FIND TWO MORE HOST FAMILIES TO PROVIDE HOUSING FOR THIS EXCEPTIONAL YOUNG MAN, PREFERABLY IN THE SOUTHWESTERN SCHOOL DISTRICT,  BUT OTHER LOCALES WILL BE CONSIDERED.  PUT THE WORD OUT TO YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLES, CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, ETC. TO FIND A HOST FAMILY.  This would only be a 3 month responsibility.
Paul Berg - Paul gave us a brief overview of his trip to the Philippines where he visited our two projects Braveheart and a school for “street children” and homeless children.  Paul was very impressed with both projects and the people who are involved with them.  Dr Jonas will visit us in two weeks.  Our Rotary friends and families of those who benefitted from the projects are extremely grateful for what you have helped provide.
PROGRAM - Dr Kurt Thomas, Dr Brittany Barker, Jennifer Laughman UPMC - CoronaVirus, COVID19
Due to the recent and growing concerns surrounding the spread of this virus, and media hype the program committee asked UPMC Hanover Hospital to provide us with current, accurate information.
- coronaviruses are not new.  The are in the class of illnesses like colds and flu. The thing that makes this different now is that as the virus spread between different animals in the “live markets” in China, and it then mutated into a different virus.  People bought these animals for consumption and ate uncooked meat containing the virus.  Thus it spread to humans.
- symptoms typically include high fever, cough, shortness of breath and other respiratory issues.
- very few kids have been infected but elderly people and people with underlying health issues - diabetes, COPD, heart problems, asthma etc - are most at risk.
- there are no cases at UPMC now but they are in various stages of making preparations in the event we are hit with COVID 19 here.  UPMC is in constant contact with the State Health Dept and the CDC because conditions, updates, and recommendations change almost hourly.
- Pa has 10 cases as of today but none are spread via community.  Each case was traced to an individual visiting an infected source outside the community and bringing it in.
- not everyone should be tested.  If you are exhibiting the symptoms and are extremely ill, go to your primary physician or the emergency room BUT call them first and tell them what you suspect.  That way they can prepare their facility and staff properly.
- this recommendations are don’t panic, wash hands in hot soapy water for 20 secs, cover your mouth when you cough, stay home when you are sick.  Also do what you can to enhance your immune system - get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, stay away from congested areas.
- you can feel free to go to to get current info and updates.
NEXT WEEK’S PROGRAM - Tammy Gobrecht - Classification Speech