41 of our 85 members were in attendance which is 48.24 % of membership
We also had Bert Elsner's wife, daughter and son-in-law Leslie & Robert, and care-giver Dian Stahl; Wendall's son Kyle;Frank Herrun from Red Lion/Dllstwn; and Kim Bailey from Gettysburg; and 7 students of the month.
Kelly R. - Tastiest Tickets are on sale to the Club and will now go out to the public
Paul  S. - Winterfest at Codorus is this Saturday and we could use some volunteers anytime between 9:30am- 1:00pm
Peg S. - Volunteer at New Hope tonight beginning at 6:00
Craig - Ways and Means will be reporting on suggestions for new fundraisers
          - 7 Club members will be going to Rotary Leadership Institute, contact him ASAP if you want to go
          - Rotary Means Business will be held in Gettysburg - check District website
Frank Herron, RedLion/Dllstwn Club shared their fundraiser - York Area KeyWay to Dining - $40.00
Bob Miller - Presented a Paul Harris Award to Bert Elsner who dedicated it to his daughter, Leslie
                  - Presented a first Paul Harris to Rick McKee
PROGRAM - Catherine "Rene" Hock, Classification 
Highlights of her presentation included:
- Her inspiration was her grandfather who came here from Sicily with humble beginnings and fulfilled the "American Dream".
- Her grandfather and father both served in the U.S. Army
- Two lesson she learned from her father 1) Life is not always fair - you get what you earn  2) When you are down, get back into the game
- Her sister passed away at an early age and she is helping w/ raising her nieces
- Parents emphasized EDUCATION so she dedicated her life to it.  She taught 3rd grade for 15 yrs, did Professional Dev at LIU , then Principal at Hanover H.S. for last 7 yrs
- She credits Dr. Barb Rupp and Dr John Scola with much of her professional success.
NEXT WEEK'S PROGRAM - Jeri Jones - "Backyard Geology"