NOTE: This article is being shared at the request of Dr Jess Socrates as the latest update on Operation Braveheart in the Philippines.  Dr Jess has spearheaded this Rotary Project which has helped so many children experience a better life.  Thank you Jess for keeping us current on this tremendous project.

Operation Braveheart III continues to facilitate the repair of indigent patients' heart defects.  This is my EIGHTH report for Operation Braveheart III. I am sending with this email a collage of the eighth set of eight patients that Dr. Jonas repaired from March to April 2024. Five of the eight patients are children, three are adults. 6 PDA's and 2 ASD's.
The first patient, (Francis J.) was seen by Dr. Jonas in his recent trip to Marawi where he repaired 4 patients. The family had to raise funds for the trip to Manila.
The last patient on the collage (Baby Boy Balidog)  was born pre-term at 30 weeks age of gestation to a 30 year-old mother with preeclampsia and overt diabetes. The baby presented with respiratory distress at birth and was admitted to the NICU, to be managed as a case of Neonatal Pneumonia. 2D echocardiography showed a large hemodynamically significant patent ductus arteriosus. His short existence so far has been spent in the hospital because of severe congestive heart failure. Thanks to all our supporters and ROTARY, this baby boy will now have a very good outlook for a long and healthy life.This is the smallest patient to have PDA catheter closure in the country - 1,090 grams He is the second Braveheart patient that Dr. Jonas implanted a Piccolo devise on. This is used specially to repair small infants with a large PDA. I sent a special report on the first patient last June 2023..
In addition to the most recent collage of patients, I am also attaching a photo and tribute to Dr. Jonas. The Philippine Society of Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention recently presented him with their:"Distinguished Service Award."  Operation Braveheart is blessed to have a dedicated and committed physician volunteer. Dr. Jonas is the reason why Operation Braveheart has so far facilitated the transcatheter repair of the hole-in-the-heart defects of 220 indigent patients who did not have the financial means to undergo repair. 
Operation Braveheart continues to accept donations so we can sustain this project even after Braveheart III funds get depleted. If you care to, please write out your donation check to: Works of Mercy and on the memo line, write "OPERATION BRAVEHEART." Mail your check to:
26 Emerald Lake Drive
Palm Coast, FL 32137
As of today, Operation Braveheart has facilitated the transcatheter repair of 220 patients.
Thank you very much for your continued support.

Jess Socrates, M.D., Coordinator Operation Braveheart