The Rotary Club of Hanover’s, Ralph Jodice, taught the Junior Achievement Program, Our Nation, to both of Mrs. Sherry Chroniger’s 6th grad social studies classes at St. Teresa of Calcutta in McSherrystown. JA Our Nation is 5 classes teaching students about the free market economy, innovation, careers, getting and keeping the job, and the linkages of today’s global economy. Junior Achievement has in-class programs available for grades K through 8 and day long programs for 9th through 12th grades. For grades K through 8, JA produces and provides complete, easy to follow lessons plans for each grade. The 9th through 12th programs are developed and managed by experienced professionals, and you are there to assist and help facilitate the program. All are fun, rewarding and educational. Check them out at  Have your club join in the JA fun today!