President Chris called the virtual meeting to order at 12:10 pm.  Kathi Fuhrman led us in Pledge and Prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 25 members attended virtually by phone and or video.  One guest joined us, Edie Staub, Greg Staub’s wife.
Jess Socrates - Operation Braveheart .  Phase 2 of the project is now complete as of January, 2020.  The final report is due this Thursday but 105 patients benefitted from the project.
Peg Sennett - the Gazebo committee of Rotary and Borough reps met this morning at the gazebo downtown.  Ralph, Peg, John Gerken, Barb Rupp and Justine Were among those present.  No final decisions were made but most likely the brick base will stay and be re-designed to hold the Christmas tree; signage was discussed; hopefully a place in the square can be found for the historical plaques.  The project will take some time to complete - nothing immediate.
PROGRAM: Greg Staub, Trip through the enchanted Isles - England, Ireland, Scotland - May, 2019
EdItor’s Note - please excuse any spelling errors of places visited.
Greg and Edie traveled on the National Geographic Explorer more as an expedition than a leisure trip. some of the places they visited included -
— Portsmouth - home of the Admiral Nelson Flagship and museum
— Hurst Castle in southern England
— Floyd - seaside town
— Eden Project - biodomes
— Isle of Tresco - Abby & Gardens 1600’s
— Isle of St Mary’s - bars
—  Cobh, Southern Ireland
— Schelles- stone buildings/huts dating back to the 600 -900 AD
— Dingle Ireland - Dun Aonghasa Fortress
—  cliffs of Mohr
— Aron Islands - theirs was 1st cruise ship to visit there in 30 yrs
— Scotland - octagonal rock formations
— Iona Isle - Abby and Nunnery
— St Kilda - regularly get sustained winds of up to 70 mi/hr
— Calahesh - standing stones 300 yrs older than Stonehenge
— Shetland Islands - ponies
their expedition ended in Norway