Several Club members have asked that we list members who have left the Club for any one of a variety of reasons this year.  When we haven't seen someone for a while we often wonder where they have been and are they ok, etc.  Consequently here is the list given  to us by our Secretary, Kelly Rebert:
Alicia Bowman 6/16/21
Carol Hinkle 6/22/21
Rina Houck 6/24/21
Paul Stevenson 6/30/21
Jess Socrates 7/1/21
Erin Smith 7/29/21
Matt Guthrie 11/10/21
John Danehy 1/1/22
CArol Connor 3/9/22
Ruth Shaffer 3/9/22
Melissa Leathery 3/15/22
Jason Shoe 3/29/22
Joel Solomon 
Kevin Clark
Austin Carroll 4/14/22