Hi Chris,
Just received this radio interview about Owen's hike for polio. He is the Rotarian hiking the Appalachian trail to raise money to eradicate Polio.  Did not know if you would want to share with the club.
Deb Stambaugh
Deb Stambaugh shared this information about a Rotarian who will soon attempt to hike the entire Appalachian Trail to raise $$ to help eradicate polio.  His name is Owen Standley and he is a member of The Rotary Club of Johnstown, Pa.  His goal is to walk the entire trail, 2200 mi in 100 days and raise $100,000.  He has already raised $29,000.  He has never been a hiker and got this idea in 2019.  If you aren't familiar with the trail, doing this in 100 days is a very ambitious undertaking.  He would have to average 22mi/day.  He wants to do 25/day to give himself a bit of a cushion for presentations to Rotary Clubs along the way, bad weather, etc.  Very ambitious indeed!  The link below is an interview he did for a local radio station.  Worth a listen!  We wish him the best!