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The Hanover Rotary Club was officially organized and the Charter presented June 30, 1936.  About ten years before that, several attempts had been made to organize Rotary in Hanover by the Gettysburg and York Clubs, but had not progressed beyond preliminary investigations.

Early in June, 1936 the Baltimore Rotary Club, which was then in the same District as Hanover (District 34), together with the Littlestown Club instituted a vigorous campaign toward forming a Hanover Club, which was successfully completed in one month.  The initial meeting was held at the Hanover residence of E. Marine Woolf, 139 Meade Avenue, then President of Littlestown Rotary Club.  Also present were George Bahlke and Herbert Ogier, both Past Presidents of the Baltimore Rotary club, Luther D. Snyder, Secretary of the Littlestown Club, and several local residents.

At a public meeting held the following week at the Richard McAllister Hotel, twelve local residents were present and it was decided to organize a Rotary Club in Hanover.  As pointed out by William C. Sneidereith, Past President of the Baltimore Club, prompt application would achieve assignment of Charter No. 4000, a signal honor.

On June 17th, a further meeting of the Provisional Hanover Rotary Club was held at the Richard McAllister Hotel under the auspices of Harrison Howe, District Governor.  The Littlestown Rotary Club was named as the sponsoring Club and its Club President, E. Marine Woolf was named as Special Representative.  An election of officers and directors was to assume office July 1, 1936.  There were 20 charter members.  On June 18th, Special Representative Woolf received a telegram stating "Assuming application in all good order admission will be voted immediately and charter number Four Thousand presented June thirtieth, Signed, Harrison Howe, District Governor."

Hanover Rotary Charter Night was held in the Chapel of Trinity Reformed Church, York Street with 400 Rotarians present from 34 Clubs.  This was an unusually large turn out and was due to the fact that our Chart Number Four Thousand was presented by the President of Rotary International, Ed R. Johnson of Norfolk, Virginia, a very signal honor.