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3185 York Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325
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Service Project

Hello Rotarians and those who wish to volunteer, please read this request carefully to see where you might assist in the coming weekend. Helping to prepare for the Shining Stars Fundraiser.   Rotary Members and the public over the age 18 are welcome to serve. Shining Stars provides therapeutic horsemanship programs to children, adults, and families with special needs to improve physical, mental, emotional, and social areas of their lives.   

A few months ago, Pam Collins (717-624-4047) presented to our Club the incredible mission of Shining Stars. Pam had an injury in the recent past and is getting back on her feet. They need our support for an event Friday and Sunday.


The Shining Stars are having their major fundraising event this coming weekend.

Boots, Bolos & Boogie Event



  • Volunteers are needed 8 AM this Friday - Sept. 9. This project could last until around 3-4 PM. Any length of time you can volunteer will be greatly appreciated.  This is a BIG ASK because of the physical nature of the request.  Pam has stated that she is aware that because this is a weekday, Friday, this will be a challenge to have the workforce.
  • 6 volunteers lift large panels and load them by truck from the horse arena, 3185 York Road, Gettysburg (to the rear of the Freedom Valley Church)to the event location.  Two box trucks have been provided by Utz to transport the panels. Volunteers will drive their cars and follow the trucks to the Event Location.
  • Unload the panels at the Event Location at the home of Mike and Jane Rice, 827 Hanover Road, New Oxford.
  • Assemble the panels with on-site direction. It does require climbing up and down a ladder.
  • They need 3-4 people for the lighter tasks. Placing tables, string lights, etc. These 3-4 positions do not require as much physical effort as installing the panels.
  • The removal of the Event Site takes place at 8 AM Sunday, 9/11.

Spread the word. This volunteer event is NOT only for Rotarian members. Family and friends are welcome to join in. Let me know and I can add non-members to the roster. Thank you. – Dale Brubaker 717-448-6562 –


Scope of the Panel Install:


Organization Contact for the Weekend - Pam Collins (717-624-4047)


Panels are constructed of a 2”x4” frame that is 4’x8’ and covered in a sheet of plywood. Two average people, man, or woman, can move an individual panels. Having six people allows the loading and unloading to go quickly as there are approximately 150 of them. They are just awkward because of their size.


Anyone with knee or shoulder issues would not be comfortable doing this task.


The team will load the panels into the box trucks at 800 AM. Volunteers follow the trucks to the event location at the home of Mike and Jane Rice at 827 Hanover Road, New Oxford.


The panels are unloaded in a specific order and assembled outside of the barn, creating an old west facade. This requires some lifting of the panels and climbing on a ladder to attach the panels at the top near the gutters of the roof.


Because the panels must be assembled one after the other, no more than 4 people are needed to assemble as we can only go as quickly as the one before is installed.


  • The additional help is to set up and place the table and string lights at the same location. 


The setup is our more difficult timeframe to fill as so many people work.


They will need  help with the tear down on Sunday morning, doing everything in reverse.


Using six personnel to tear down is possible as the panels can be uninstalled in any order, laid on the ground, and loaded in the correct order for next year.


Tear down starts at 8 AM Sunday morning.