Posted by Jess Socrates on Jan 20, 2019
Jess Socrates has shared this latest update on Operation Braveheart:
Operation Braveheart has now repaired 25 patients (in addition to the 41 children repaired earlier). I am attaching a collage of the next 8 patients recently repaired.
Plus, some monumental news. 
A few days ago, Dr. Jonas, transmitted via LIVE satellite, the transcatheter repair of four children to the 8th Vietnam Congress of Interventions in Congenital Heart Disease. The procedures were witnessed by  250 interventional pediatric cardiologists who were gathered in a convention center. 
Two of these children were OPERATION BRAVEHEART patients. The procedures had to be done at St. Lukes Medical Center (not Philippine General Hospital) since this hospital has the infrastructure to support this historic event.
-Jess Socrates