President Chris opened the meeting at 12:02 pm and Christy Lucas led us in pledge and prayer.
ATTENDANCE: 32 members were in virtual attendance and we had had 8 guests who are students of the month. 
Hanover H.S. - Regin Smith, Toby Groft
SouthWest H.S. - Summer Eaton, John Vonnes
Delone Catholic H.S. - Abbi Fields, Austin Stiles
Spring Grove H.S. - Brianna Kaltreider, William Cummings
Note: We are delighted to have the students back again.  A more complete background on each of them can be found on our website.
Warren Risk for Alicia Bowman -   Ruth’s Harvest does not need us in October to pack meals.  They will let us know about November.
Kim Hackett -  Kim has arranged a social/fundraiser at the Bourbon Bar and Grill on Carlisle St in Hanover on Thursday, October 15, 2020, 5:00pm - 7:30pm.  Face masks are required to enter and social distancing is recommended.  Proceeds go funds to eradicate polio.  
Ralph Jodice -  Rotary International has a new initiative called Polio Plus.  To donate go to the RI website and follow the link there.
PROGRAM: Kevin Clark Classification Speech
Some of the things that Kevin shared about himself include:
- his early years were spent in the Brooklyn Park section of Baltimore.
- his family relocated to Carroll Co. due to the changing neighborhood in Brooklyn Park
- worked at a machine shop as a machinist apprentice
- attended Carroll Co Community College
- worked as a machinist at R.H. Sheppard
- coming from a modest background, he realized he wanted to pursue a career where he could increase his income to enjoy a better life
- worked at a variety of jobs while attending the University of Baltimore
- started in the finance field at T.Rowe Price for 4 yrs.; then Merrill Lynch independently for a year before joining his present firm - Aquino Financial Group, LLC, Main St, Westminster.  Kevin is developing his client base here in Hanover, and lives here too.
- Kevin explained that at age 35 now, he came from humble beginnings and worked at a variety of jobs and kept taking courses to improve his station in life.  He emphasized that Community Colleges can be a very good option for people because it is less expensive and you can go part time while working.  You can transfer later to a more prestigious University and that degree to show on your resume. 
Kevin has certainly worked hard to get where he is at career-wise.  
Keep up the good work!
NEXT WEEK’S PROGRAM: Brian Tate, Register of Wills, York Co.